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Default largest print size

Could someone please help me
I have purchased the 602 and would like as much info on how to print the largest picture with this camera,i have taken some pictures in 6mp fine mode on my 512mb ibm microdrive but i seem to be getting a bit of noise in the background of my shots.is it possible to produce an a3 size picture taking pictures in this mode ?,if not what is the largest possible size without sacrificing image qaulity.I am using photoshop if that makes any differance.
do not get me wrong i have had some fantastic pics with this camera considering i have only had it about 6 weeks,but becouse i have had some great pics of my holiday to turkey i want to blow them up as large as i can to put on my office wall.

All help is appreciated.
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Be sure to shoot with soft sharpening. It gives you more details with less noise. Also use the lowest ISO possible. Check the link below. There is some very usefull information for the S602 owners.


If you want the best out of your camera. Get Neat Image and try those excellent noise profiles spesified for the S602.
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i've had A2 prints done from 6million fine

they were low light ones so there was some noise

but still they sold for 50
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Someone in Steve forums once pointed out that max print size is not just a matter of dpi, but also a matter of subject in image.
A viewer tends to reflect a landscape photo at a distance, but a macro or something with a lot of details is invites to be inspected much closer, thus reveiling more photo/print flaws.
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Default A4

A4 has 11,7*8.3 inch. If you want twice better resolution, than your screen (default is 72 dpi) - it would be 1600*1200 for 144 dpi.
Depends a lot of printer you will use, and please - don't believe those 1440 dpi, that shown on modern ink-jet printers - their real resolution will be 144 (288 for a good ones) and it's never shown to a user.
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thanks guys
i have changed the settings on my camera to 6mp fine and soft mode,i will give this a go in the next few days and see what happens.oh by the way i have downloaded a version of neat image,and i am still playing with it but first impressions are very good.i am struggling with the profiles at the moment but i will keep working at it.
i am interested in learning how you prepaired your files for printing davebaird becouse i would love to be able to prepare my files good enough to get large prints out of them.

once again thankyou all for your experiance.


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