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Hi everyone. New here.

I bought the S8000fd last Saturday and so far I am quite happy with my choice although I cannot understand what possessed the people at Fuji to decide not to implement the zoom function for video. For a camera for which the zoom capabilities are such a major feature it is more than strange. Unless....

I haven't used the video much yet but during one video I shot I seemed to notice the audio not being completely in sync.

Have others experienced audio sync problems?

If it is indeed a problem that might indicate that the processor has to perform to its limits to capture the video and compress it and if so might that be the reason why no zoom is implemented? Because the processor cannot handle the additional task of zooming?

It would be rather nice if Fuji would implement the video zoom in a firmware update. One is needed because I have found an annoying bug. I first noticed it when the camera suddenly couldn't focus correctly in AUTO mode. I then noticed it was set to MACRO. I couldn't remember having set this. I changed it but it happened more often. I then discovered it was caused by the fact I had set SP1 to FLOWER. Part of the FLOWER scene preset is that it changes the focus mode to MACRO. When you change the dial to another mode through the SP2 setting (which was still set to LANDSCAPE) everything is changed back. But if you turn it the other way (counter clockwise) to AUTO for instance the camera 'forgets' to change it back from MACRO to NORMAL mode again so you have to change it back manually. Which is a bit cumbersome especially because you have to cycle through the SUPER MACRO mode to reach NORMAL mode again (AFAIK - If there is a way to go directly from MACRO to NORMAL I haven't discovered it yet).

My camera has firmware version 1.01 but since the only difference with 1.02 according to Fuji is the start-up time with xD cards I assume it will be the same in 1.02.

Since I don't like changing the firmware without having the possibility to go back to the old firmware if I prefer to for whatever reason I haven't tried the 1.02 yet. Does anyone know where I can still download the 1.01 firmware so I can have the option to change the firmware back again? So far I haven't been able to find it.

Have others noticed this bug? Can you reproduce it? Is it the same in firmware version 1.02?

And also please give feedback on the audio sync and a download link to the 1.01 firmware if you know one.
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Hello Cam-I-Am, you've sort of asked a few questions.
I'd suggest searching for S8000fd in the search field.
That's because there's been many discussions over this particular super zoom digicam.

I've only made about 30 to 50 movies and none are over 7 minutes and so I've never encountered the out of sync problem.

Do you run the movie on the camera LCD when the sound go out of sync, or does this only happen after the movie is on your computer?

Now, I can confirm the Macro mode bug.
I set SP1 to Flower and switched back to auto, or IS, and it was still in macro mode.
But if you turn the dial up 1 to movie mode and back 1 to auto, then macro mode is gone.

Did you try setting SP1 to Landscape and SP2 to Flower and seeing if that fixed it?
(Personally, I have SP1 set to Auction.)

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