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How do I set this?
I have a s8100 and it has a manual focus that you can use but there is no "infinity" setting.

I have read that putting it to infinity will help catch in focus objects 15 feet or more away from you better and quicker than autofocus, particularly for moving objects.

Any ideas?

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I am not at all familiar with the 8100. But you are referring to "depth of field" which is how much of the image is in focus from the foreground to distant objects in the image. Depth of field is determined to a certain extent by the f-stop you are using. The smaller the lens opening (i.e. the higher the number) the more of your image will be in focus from front to back. People who use digital SLR cameras use depth of field to create special effects and to make the background of portraits out of focus. The reason this is effective with a digital SLR because it has a larger sensor, and this helps to provide greater depth of field control. But the sensor on the 8100 is significantly smaller. Part of the impact of this smaller sensor is that more of the picture will be in focus. This takes away some creative control that, for some photographers, make the smaller sensor cameras less desirable to own.

When using manual focus, if you turn the lens so that it is at the greatest distance setting, it will probably be set to infinity. If you use smaller f-stops such as f/5.6 or f/8, you "might" be able to see a difference by setting the distance pointer to something like 30 feet. Theoretically, this could make more of the foreground be with the focus range. But in all likelihood the difference will be minimal because of the smallness of the sensor on the 8100.
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