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:?I have seen that after these cameras were discontinued there has been a great demand for them, because their succesors did not perform as well.
What I do not understand is why Fujifilm cannot take this opportunity to make more of F30/F31fd and sell to the consumers who are in line to lap it all up. Any information on this?:?

I had a Fuji F10 which I enjoyed immensely. It was so noisefree that I kept at ISO 400 all the time. Then I gifted that to my brother and thought to go for F30/F31fd, but to my grief I could not find one. Confound the decision makers at fuji. At least clearsightedness is expected of the peoplein optical bussiness.:?

As an afterthought may be that super CCD sensor they used for those cameras was created by somebody who took away the recipe with him, or may be it was created as an accident and nobody knows the recipe how. So once the avaialble stock exhausted there is no going back

Forgive me this harrangue, but I am really --ssed off. I have a dslr but it is not pocketable.

Is there a substitute, a poor man's F30/f31fd on the market yet?
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