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critterdoc Oct 22, 2003 5:08 PM

Position of FinePix S5000 in carrying case?
In searching for a case for my new FinePix S5000, I settled on the Trax TCP-10 as the best of the locally available alternatives.

This is perhaps a trivial question, but I'm wondering if there is anything about the design and build of this style of digicam that would make it's vertical orientation within a case result in problems over the long haul. In the lens-up LCD-down position, the camera body seems most stable sitting flat on it's back while occupying most of the width of the flat bottom of the case; whereas the camera wants to tilt to one side or the other inside of the case when the lens/extention is pointing down and the LCD is pointing up. Comments appreciated.

Bria Oct 24, 2003 4:08 PM

I just bought a case by Lowepro called the "Nova Micro AW" for my S5000. It fits snuggly in a horizontal position so that there is no "up" side or "down" side. It has a removable velcro barrier which I set on top of the camera inside the bag and it serves as a divider between the camera and my accessories (lens cloth and adapter ring, etc.).

I would visit Lowepro's website if you haven't already purchased a bag. It comes with a lifetime warranty and it seems extremely durable. It was definately worth the $30 I paid for it at my local camera shop.


voxmagna Oct 24, 2003 5:17 PM

I put my 602 in a leather case with the battery compartment at the bottom, lens and lcd to right or left. Batts are the heaviest item and in shock, I'd rather the shock went straight to the padding at the bottom, rather than via the plastic camera body. The front is most vulnerable when carrying on a shoulder strap. However, my leather case wasn't fitted for the purpose and I have some choice as to which way the camera fits inside. VOX

weldwire Nov 5, 2003 12:17 AM

I use the LOWEPRO Nova 1. AW. I like the dividers and the sturdy heavy padding it has... Worth every dime spent.

I place my S5000 with the lens adaptor in place and the cover on.
Then point it straight down in to the case with the LCD exposed on top.

The Dividers have padded flaps that fold over to protect the LCD and the back of the digicam...

B&H photo (online) has them for $29.00 the sell for around $50.00
Very well made. But I wish I would have bought the Nova 2 or 3 AW.

If your going to have lots of accessories you will need a large back.

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