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Default comparison shots with S7000 and sigma SD10

I hate to spoil anyone's enthusiasm for the S7000, but compare Steve's sample shots in his reviews of the S7000 and Sigma SD10. Specifically, the pic of the red brick buildings with the Nichols St. sign on the left. The SD 10 is much sharper than the S7000- a very significant difference. Unfortunately, the SD 10 suffers from noise problems at higher iso's. Guess you cant have it all! Richard
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Your comparison is incorrect as the Sigma SD10 shot has been taken much closer.
In the Fuji 7000 shot you have a much wider view and ALL of the road as foreground.
In the Sigma shot there is no road at all.
The Fuji shot could be anything up to 30' further away.
Wait until there is a more accurate comparison and include the price in your comment.

Have fun, Tink.
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Yes , Tink, the field of view is wider in the fuji shot, but not that much wider. I think the difference is still significant. As far as price goes, it depends on how much this difference in resolution means to you. Richard.
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Default Of course

SD10 will always beat usual matrix, since it does no interpolation at all(3M pixels in each of RGB layers), especially Fuji's SuperCCD for it does double interpolation (for 6M image we have 1.5M in green layer and 0.75 in each red and blue), comparing to usual matrix (same for 3M image).
I've expected, that 1M mode from my S5000 (or 3M mode from S7000) will give better results, than usual m...x, close to Foveon, since it unites 4 pixels to one (2 real + 2 intepolated) and S7000 will have for 3M image 3M green pixels and 1.5 of each green and blue.
Thing is, what they did with image quality killed all the gain we could have, and it disappointed me a lot with my S5000. I thought they did it for marketing reasons and expected for S7000. Which apparently has same problems, or ... family features
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