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Originally Posted by ajuett View Post
Someone gave me some tips on other batteries. However, the KLIC-7004 is $40 vs the NP-50 at $60. Even paying $40 to get an extra 90 shots is not worth it.

After some hard thought and reluctance I took the F200EXR back tonight. They had a great sale on a G10 $429 Cdn ($70 more than what I paid for the F200) so that made up for the battery cost plus far more camera control. I couldn't turn that down.
Extra battery pack is a necessary evil (whether it is worth the money or not is irrelevant). It does not do one any good to save $40+ and then run out of juice in the middle of the day and miss all those photo opportunities.

The EXR technology is interesting but there are several things I dislike about it. The fact that the camera drops the # of MP to improve DR is one of them. Low battery life (caused primarily by all this image processing that goes on from the time you press the shutter release button till the image is actually recorded on the memory card), of course, is another.

With that said, I think you made the right decision considering the price you paid for the G10. It is a great camera.

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