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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post

Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

The F-70 EXR has a real learning curve to it. I got mine early in the month, but had to set it aside due to the hustle and bustle of Christmas and a large family. I have finally had some time after Christmas to get my feet wet and have also done some cram course reading to properly understand the EXR system.

Since one of your priorities is for use at concerts, you have to become very familiary with shooting in the EXR mode. Basically there are TWO automatic modes on the F-70 EXR, the EXR mode and the standard Automatic Mode. So focus on really learning that EXR mode and things should improve quickly.

Have a great day. I have attached a photo sample for you.

Sarah Joyce
I, too, am new to the F70 EXR and have been rather disappointed/perplexed at the way both auto settings always want to use high ISO settings when indoors, even when the lighting is fairly bright and I have the flash forced on. The results have been very noisy photos. I have an older Kodak DX7590 that uses a much lower ISO setting for indoor flash photos (ISO 80 - ISO 140) with virtually no noise in the shots. I have just started tinkering with the manual settings so hopefully I can get my desired results. Do the settings being discussed here utilize the camera's flash and would that allow me to select a lower ISO for medium to low lit indoor shots?

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first off, set your camera resolution down to M 4:3.
second get off the auto modes, i agree in that they make really poor choices.

for most indoor shots, i would stick to the P (or program) mode, this will allow you to control the iso and flash.

i would then force it to use a lower ISO, try using the auto iso maybe like 400, the flash system on the fuji should compensate. the flash range is pretty good on the fuji, but it is still a compact camera, so its not a large flash. so just make sure you are within its working distance to get a good image. i have used my fuji mainly for land and cityscapes to this point, but the few indoor people pictures i took turned out really well for a compact using those settings.

but really the big key to using the f70exr properly is to make use of the M or medium picture resolution, it uses the EXRs pixel binning technology for a less noisy image with more dynamic range.

try it out a little bit, and if you are still having trouble i will try to come up with something more detailed, just busy at work atm.
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Thanks for the tips!! I will try them out and post the results.
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Thanks for everyone's input and posts in this thread. I just said the same thing in another thread, but this one was also very helpful as well, as I've been having lots of trouble with the noise on this camera. Changed some settings and I'm hoping they'll work well. Thanks everyone!!
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ya, i just gave my uncle the s2000hd, he came back from a mountain trip and took lots of pictures in...Automatic mode. Mann I'm starting to wonder if the optics stabilization is not good enough that it puts out higher iso to compensate?

Don't use automatic modes. use p modes like most describe here and you will get good results. P mode is basically automatic but with more options available.

I think I'm going to update my j10 to a f70exr.
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