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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
thing is, you aren't using your camera to full capabilities in 10mp mode. the pixel binning algorythms give you more dynamic range than any compact camera, some estimate nearly 10ev. also, you are actually getting more details out of the camera in 5mp mode, that is because the noise reduction is just too high at 10mp and smears the details. and really, 5mp is more than enough resolution for any prints most users would ever do.

if someone is just looking for a point and shoot auto mode camera. the f70exr is not it. or if you are wowed by large resolutions, again, not your camera. if you are willing to put in the extra set-up time and learn to use the f70exr correctly, you can get some great results in low light and shots with more dynamic range than other compacts. as long as you are not bothered by the binned 5mp resolution.

Talking about noise reduction, I usually run the fuji's, in p mode with sharpness at full. Detail is by far more than what you would get with the normal or softer modes. you can then batch convert your images with, in linux i use phatch, and soften the image a bit with some light blur just to get the pixels fixed. You then get a much sharper image.
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When you say sharpness to full, are you talking about the image size set to L or are you talking about image quality set to F?

anyways, the best detail you can get out of Program mode is in Medium image size (i use 4:3 as it is noncropped) and image quality set to Fine. you can set the auto iso to 800 or 1600 depending on your needs (also you can force a specific ISO if you need) the DR set to 400% seems to strike a good balance for most shooting purposes.

if you are shooting at 10mp and then batch softening, you will not get as good of detail, not even close. at 10mp, the camera has too much built in noise reduction at all ISOs which will smear details, and then post-processing for more blur will only worsen this. if i am mistaken and that is not what you meant by your post, then disregard.
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hmm....disregard the advice. I didnt see any of those options for these cameras. I was browsing the user manual but ill still talk about it..lol

I think what I meant to say the picture viewers almost everybody uses has some form of smoothening involved like anti-aliasing on a 3d game. The pixels viewed on an image browser are smoothened out. I think that is what I meant. The pictures viewed on a browser is also smoothened out. If you have a picture viewer such as "eye of gnome", you can disable image smoothening and actually see the picture for what it is.

In this case, p setting in the camera and going into sharpness and using "hard" settings will give you far more detail beyond what the standard or soft is cabaple. the camera's features for sharpness allowes for a hard/standard/soft. you can practice doing this using a medicine bottle and look at the text black and white. make sure when you do, text is barely readable so you can do a better comparison. then try objects, textures and do a side by side. if you then get this image and soften the pixels a bit, you have more detail.. I never throw away the originals.

Since now you have a pretty rough image that is not touched by the camera's ability to smoothen out the pixels(i think this algorithm is pretty bad), you can use a program to do a "light" smoothening to get that POW per pixel. I'm pretty much a pixel peeper and i seen the f200exr take much better pictures than the s200exr from various sources. I don't know what editors used in settings but I see it. Now that I'm getting my hands on both or s200exr and or f70exr, i can do a pretty good comparison. I am now interested in

I'll post some examples later on. I did notice that the f70exr does not have the option to sharpen images up but it does have a text mode which is in itself sharp.

I can't seem to find these options in the f70exr nor the f200exr

anyway, i think ill post the samples in the s200exr section. I'm still considering a f70exr or the f200exr.

My previous ones are the j10 and the s2000hd and i got both these cameras for 240 total. I was pretty much experimenting.

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