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Default prepurchase questions

Hi all,
Here's the deal: I bought a Fuji 2650, but returned it because low light pictures sucked and any indoor picture of a moving subject (my 19month old daughter) was blurry as heck. I'm an accomplished snapshooter on my old Samsung 115 Zoom 35mm camera. I can even use the self timer, red eye flash and "portrait" settings fairly well (haha). Basically I was trying to get a digital camera that would take decent pictures without me having to play with setting too much. I like the idea of being able to snap hundreds of pics, and only print the good ones. It doesn't seem very efficient to get 24 prints off my 35mm camera only to have maybe 5 that I really want. The 2650 wasn't the camera for me. So...for those who have this camera, how well does it work for "action photos" indoors? Have any of you been taking typical proud parent pics, and how have they turned out? I also like to take scenic pics when I'm out hunting, so the big zoom sounds great. What is your experience with this type of pic?
My big question is: if I spend the money on a better camera, even though I don't really know how to use all the bells and whistles (though I'm sure I can learn since I don't have to print everything) can I take decent pics under the aforementioned conditions?
Thanks in advance!!
Almost forgot one other thing. The local retailer sells this camera for $500, but online it's going for as low as $270. The local guys say the online folks are selling a no warranty grey market camera, and the online guys say it has the full warranty. Obviously the local guys don't want to lose a sale, but for $230 savings you can't really afford not to go with an online retailer. I emailed Fuji about 10 days ago to ask if they would honor the warranty if I bought online, but haven't recieved a reply yet. Have any of you had warranty issues with a camera you bought online? Any recommendations about this would really help!
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My son purchased the S5000 and has a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter. The S5000 does well for low light. You have to remember to press the shutter button half way to auto focus and then snap the picture. One of the best low light cameras is the Olympus 5050. It also requires pressing the shutter button halfway to focus.

The salesperson is trying to justify their high prices. You should be careful when ordering over the internet. Check vendors out on www.resellersrating.com, www.bizrate.com, www.shopping.com. My favorite on line retailer is www.newegg.com. Always check the return policy with all internet sellers. The main advantage of a local retailer is the easy return policy during a short period of time. They often intice the buyer with free interest rates on digital cameras. This is quite appealling.
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Can you tell what went wrong to cause the baby pictures to come out blurry?

Is only the baby blurred (too slow shutter speed for the moving subject), or is the entire image blurry (camera moved or possibly an autofocus problem). Is only the background in focus (autofocus problem or too close to the subject).

The reason I ask is that I use the 2650 as a point-and-shoot, and have had some difficulty with the autofocus at night inside the house under typical room incandescent lighting. Usually I can get around the problem by autofocusing on an area with higher contrast, then composing the desired photo.

My better camera (a Dimage 5) does seem to have an easier time with the autofocus in the same lighting.

You may want to make sure you know why the 2650 gave you blurry pictures, so that you know what feature the new camera needs to be improved over the 2650. Do you need better low-light autofocus, faster shutter speed/larger aperture, better flash, etc.?

Good luck with the baby pictures. They will be priceless to you in a few years.

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I've been looking over the online courses, and I think the biggest problem with my blurry pics was too slow of a shutter speed. The background was fine, but my daughter was a blur. BTW, if anyone else needs some education in photography go to www.shortcourses.com
They have a really easy to understand course on basic photography. It took a few hours to get thru, but I learned more in that time than years spent with trial and error on my old 35mm camera. I can honestly say that I feel confident playing with exposure, shutter, ISO, aperture and other settings, whereas before it was just guessing. I'm gonna love having a digital!
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