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YUKI0 - You will find many positive and negative comments regarding this camera, depending on what forum you visit

For me, I found this camera fit into my hands better than the Olympus SP800 but if you have smaller hands you may like the Oly as my wife thinks this Fuji is too big.

Unfortunately I only had a short time to practice with it as she has taken it to Italy with her!

I have seen some amazing photos shot on the HS10 and it seems that you really need to 'play' with it and experiment to get some good shots. Have a look at Massimiliano's link above.....

Like any camera it is what feels right to you...Good luck

FUJI HS-10 on road trip to Italy!
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soft drawing with HS10

looks like with LensBaby

real rain

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I have been using a Fuji S8000fd (18x zoom) for the last two years and love the camera. I run a Dog Walking and care service that provides loads of photo opportunities, my second use for the camera is recording my birdfeeder activity.
I dropped the 8000 the other day and have jammed the shutter, what great timing my new HS10 is on order! This type of camera is all about zoom although in good light conditions very good images can be achieved. Looking at HS10 sample images on the net I know the image quality of the HS10 will be more than acceptable to me.
Trust me zoom is addictive, can't wait for the 30X Big Boy to arrive.


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Hi Joe, glad you are excited about the new camera.

I've removed your link as we don't allow commercial advertising.

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Beginning to know the HS10 better. Me it seems that to f7 or f8 detail gets lost. For the landscapes it is better f5. The colors are good. I have acquired this machine because I was tired to transport the old equipment (canon 30d, 11-18 tamron - 17-70 sigma - 55-250 is canon - 50 milimeter canon - filters - flash Canon 430 ex). Creed that HS10 concurs me to make good photo avoiding to transport weight. We will see.
Salutes Massimiliano
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Have fun with HS10 - it's a good camera. It's a near-all-in-one-DSLR :-)
Nice pictures!
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Default Just bought one

I purchased one this week. The long lens is scary, but the macro capabilities are just stunning.

Background: I operate a popular blog on Taiwan (http://michaelturton.blogspot.com) and put up lots of photos. I've used a Fuji S5000, an Olympus C770, a Canon Powershot S5 IS, and several current Fuji and Benq cameras that my wife and kids own.

I put up this post with some comparison pics when I first got the camera.

Good things: awesome telefoto, macro. shots in RAW. feels great in the hand. ISO out to 6400 and less noise at the higher ISO than the Canon I have.

A nice macro shot of some bug eggs

Telephoto compressing things on a bike path:

Basic rice farm shot

The telephoto is manual so saves battery. But if it isn't racked all the way back, the super macro won't work properly. And it is easy to miss getting it all the way back

Annoyances: can't take a pic in video. Stupidity like having to hold a button with one hand while adjusting the settings with the other. On the Canon I did everything with one thumb, Canon really has the controls down well (don't get me started on the Olympus, which had more menus than the restaurant of a large hotel). The Fuji controls also seem dumbed-down, less functionality, though I can't quite put my finger on why. It may just be the way they are presented. The quality of the JPG fine setting is not as good as the Canon's highest setting, though that is not apparent in shots on the web.

That's just early reactions, I am still learning how to use it. But it is defintely a blast!

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Incredible pics!!!
I hope becoming wiser in photography, with my G11!!! and have something like the HS10 in my hands in some time...DSLR still scares me
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Some great pics on this thread!

I've had the HS10 only a couple of days so still struggling with some of the buttons and menus.

I cursed Fuji when I first opened the box - 3 quick-start manuals in German, French and Dutch but not English! The pdf file on the cd is a pain as the pages are 7x5 and, as it's protected, you can't edit it or convert to doc in order to print 2 pages on A4 paper, so end up with a 151 page tome.

Maybe it's my own naivety, but I was dismayed to find that all the 'gimmicky' features on this camera resulted in massively reduced resolution. The 1000fps picture is almost down to postage stamp size! I didn't see any reference to this in any Fuji advertising for the camera.

That's enough of my moans! I really love the feel of this camera; it handles really well. The few pics I've taken so far are well exposed and sharp. The pan facility is amazing. I will be putting it through it's paces over the next few weeks and hope to post a few pics that come somewhere close to those lovely shots above.
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