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Default From Minolta G500 to Fuji F700, worth it ?

After searching for cameras long enough, I settled down on Minolta G500. After finding some things that I didn't like with it, I am swapping it for a Fuji F700 instead.
Question: will this be worth it, or I better still with G500 ?

both cameras have their + and -.
Things that mildly drove me nuts with G500 were that it's slow in some things. Fuji F700 is a speed demon compared to G500 in those things.
i.e. G500: have to press and hold shutter for 1 sec to take a picture. If you release shutter prematurely, it won't take a pic.
F700 takes a pic if even if you press the shutter momentarily. I like that. (that's pressing all the way, pressing half-way will AF-only on both cams)
G500, playback mode takes 1 sec to advance to the next picture.
F700, playback mode is almost instantaneous ! (both tested with pics taken at 3MP)
on the other side:
G500's zoom feature in playback takes 1 sec to reach full zoom.
F700 takes 6 seconds. That's a real difference.

The main thing that I'm turmoiling about though, is picture quality. It is important for me. But then speed is important too.

Check these 2 links out: it's a similar picture, but taken with these 2 cameras, and I am judging picture quality by these 2 shots.

Here's what I think:
+ G500 seem to portrait realistic colors. It looks like you're almost IN the picture. I think that's good.
- F700 looks a bit too saturated. The colors are a bit too vivid. It may be prettier overall, but not real life like. It's more a "prettied -up real life"
+ G500 has almost no JPEG artifacts and virtually no noise
- F700 has JPEG artifacts written all over it, and has some noise.

What do you think ? Should I keep my G500, or switch to F700 ?

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Default my reply

I got F700 and here's my verdict:

If you want to trade speed for picture quality, get Minolta G500
If you want to trade picture quality for speed, get Fuji F700. (one slow point though: zooming of a 6MP picture in playback mode takes ~6 sec)

As for me ... I don't like either one.
I wanted now is a fast good picture quality cam. As it seems, there are no compact cams currently on the market at the time of this writing that have both fast operation (namely, fast AF, fast response and fast picture writes and 5MP picture quality)

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As for color/saturation --- Are you juding in teh browser? If so, this is a serious error. You must view images in an applicatino that has accurate color space display such as Photoshop. Saturation, color and contrast will display differently in a proper color managed application.

As for image quality-- no question the F700 has more potential. Their are free raw convertors now available that take full advantage of the two sensor pairs in the F700, that allow for drasticly increased dynamic range(see www.dpreview.com fuji forum for details). Unfortunately, the advantages are not as signifcant if you want to save directly as JPEG format from the camera instead of larger size RAW files to work with in post process.

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