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I'm going to be trying this myself at the racetrack this year (S200EXR but similar) and I'm not expecting my stuff to end up in a magazine ...

I tried the burst mode and liked the "Last 6" mode. I assume the HS10 has something equivalent? Probably even better! That way I could see when it got interesting and release the shutter button. On mine it can buffer up to 40 while you're deciding. I don't know what happens after 40 though. Once it starts writing the 6 shots it "goes away for a while" but it's also under $450.

Bob S.

The +1 was meant as me too .I wanted to see the samples. Thanks for posting them.

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Thanks for posting the shots Dave. Getting high quality sports results is an expensive proposition. So if one of the hot new digicams can produce shots good enough for a particular user, I'm sure they're happy to not spend thousands on DSLR equipment.

Again thanks for sharing.
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Thanks John G for the reply. I did get a few shots I was happy with but nothing pro like/level as you can see. So far for fire and rescue action and evidence shots it is working out for me.

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Sports and little birds are difficult to shoot. I think you did well for your first attempt. Once you start anticipating the action better, I think you'll get better results. Keep shooting

I've been experimenting with burst modes as well, to reduce camera shake while taking Macro shots, hand-held. Usually end-up with a few blurred and one or two sharp images.
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