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I own the 5700 and it is a great camera. I was able to purchase it with the $100 rebate for under $650. At the time I purchased the 5700 the A1 was selling for about $400 more and the S7000 was just being released. I have had to opportunity to shoot with the S7000 and it is also a great camera. I believe had I been able to purchase the A1 at a similar price of the 5700 I would have purchased the A1. I would not trade my 5700 for one now.
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now there is about as much help as we can give. 3 different people 3 different cameras 3 different reasons. the ball is in your court again.
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Lushino had it right. You can drive yourself crazy and I think I accomplished that. sjms had me moving towards the A1 because he was kind enough to respond and provide some logical reasons to support his opinion. Then I went to the A1 forum and saw that they had their own problems (dpi's). Same with the Nikon (shooting in low light). Then as I started to place an order I noted that the s7000 was running about $200 less than the A1. All of a sudden it became clearer. Although money was not an issue, it suddenly became one. All the cameras were approximately of equal quality. I probably will never max out their potential, as I am not a professional. (I never did so with an s602 I use for work). So why pay more?

Therefore, taking into account much of the information provided in this forum and to eliminate the need to sit up for three nights to measure battery drain, I ordered the s7000 with a 1GB microdrive (only $150 at flashmemorystore) with a bunch of rechargeable 2300's.

How's this for a story. I ordered the camera yesterday at Dell because I have an account with them, they are trustworthy and their price was fairly decent (except for tax issue). I also liked that they sold their own extended warranty. Turns out that the camera is backordered for 2 weeks BUT today they did send by overnight mail the extended warranty!!!!!! Go figure. I may just cancel it because of the backorder and order from newegg, foregoing having an extended warranty as they do not sell one. Does anyone know where to buy one from another vendor?

Hey, if I cancel with Dell, I will have more time to reconsider my purchase. Maybe I should go with the A1! Maybe I will have my Nikormat FTN cleaned. I will keep you posted. Thanks for comments.
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Hey, congratulations on the decision. Happy picture-taking to you, Chuckles!
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