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Default Shutter speed on 2800z? night images?

is there settings for this? or does the AF decide that? anybody have good luck taking night pictures...without getting just black images? thanx!
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I did take a few photos with 2800 at night. The results were good, depending of the flash and external light sources.

The auto mode calculate the exposition time depending of the light and of your flash setting.

Disable the flash for landscapes (town at night), enable the flash for subjects close to you (up to 3-4 meters I think), and go for low-sync flash if you want both subject and background to be visible. these are the main rule, but experimentation is the key.

You may have to use a tripod to avoid a blurred effect, as the exposition time is quite long.

Note that the 2800 EVF is dark, so it's not easy to see what you are shooting at when the light condition is poor. Note also that you wont be able to use the flash in video mode, so the videos are always dark at night.
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Default Night shots with ASA/ISO 100

A FinePix 2800 takes pictures outdoors at night quite nicely, with the following conditions:
-you use a tripod or other steadying device,
-you take pictures of areas that have some form of reasonable lighting (e.g. shopping areas, amusement areas). If there is NO lighting, it will not Autofocus anyway (no focus assist lamp).

I'm not sure why a person would use a point and shoot model to take the proverbial black cat in a coal bin on a moonless night, but under normal city lightling, you can take useable pictures. Remember to set your camera to Manual mode and choose Tungsten white balance. For those of you familiar with 35mm photography, the same rules apply: consider that you have an ASA/ISO 100 reversal "film", and a maximum camera setting of 1/2 sec at f/2.8, so you will get the equivalent exposure on your CCD that you would get on the 35mm film.
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