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Default Upgrading the S7000

I read all the reviews and the S7000 seems the most likely overall camera with something of a growth path (i.e. - using USB 2.0 instead of USB 1.1, as well as other items). However, Fuji failed to omit what, in my opinion, would make it as close to perfect for overall use as possible given that it is considered a "prosumer" camera:

1. A 10x instead of a 6x optical zoom lens (I would prefer to have a 37-370 range BEFORE using add-on lenses rather than 35-210 - the loss of the 2mm at the wide end of the spectrum is a small tradeoff)
2. A focusing lamp for low light situations

Both of the above are on the S5000. Why were they not included in the S7000?

3. FAT 32 support which is vital in order to work with the latest as well as forthcoming higher-density memory cards.

I am certain that the day will come when cards with densities above 2 Gig will come in handy. Further, Fuji only indicates that the largest size memory card (a Microdrive) at 1 Gig. I would prefer to have the ability to use the higher end CF 1 cards so as not to have the problems mentioned here and in other forms with the Microdrive cards.

Hopefully all of the above will be addressed in the camera Fuji will eventually release to replace the S7000.

Outside of these issues, I am fairly certain I will chose the S7000 over the 5700 due to more pixels plus that it appears to me it is somewhat simpler to operate than the 5700.

Any thoughts expressed would be greatly appreciated.
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if the s7000 is anything like the s602z you can use cf1 cards. i use a transcend 45x 1 gig cf card in my s602z. it's great!!! especially when using continous modes.

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Thanks Dennis for your reply. The review of the S7000 that I read at Steve's Digicams did state that certain CF1 were tested by them with no problems such as battery drain. Please read their review of the S7000 for the details. Thanks again for your response.
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