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Default Pictures Question (F80 EXR)

Today I took these photos using my new F80 EXR, but Im not really happy with the landscape photos I took.. But there was no sign of sunlight since its very cloudy today, so maybe that could be the problem?

Apart from that, the colors of the flower shots and the origami thing came out really well in my opinion

P.S. Im still new on photography so please do not be too harsh on me

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/masini90/
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These are good shots. I'm not saying they are super good. They are good shots meaning this is how the camera should behave. Colors are good, contrast is good. You definitely are starting in the right direction.
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the pictures look like they should, days that are cloudy and haze filled will look a little washed out in landscape shots like that. be careful of your horizons, they are not straight here.

one thing i see is that you are using the picture modes. like the landscape mode and the flower mode. if you are looking to improve your photos, stay out of these modes and revisit the sticky i put together at the top of this forum. it took me much trial and error to come by those and it really is the best way to get the most out of the f70/80exr and to make the most out of the EXR technology. because when you use the picture modes, (landscape, flower, etc) you are not making use of the EXR dynamic range, which is really what sets the F70/80exr apart from the crowd of other compacts.
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thanks for your replies. Actually yes I didn't use the settings from the sticky yet but will try to use them asap. As soon as we have some sun I will try to take the same pictures again to see how they compare
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One thing you may have not yet tried is to make use of the alternative film simulations: the camera defaults to Provia, which is a colour film made by Fuji, and which is designed to cope with a wide variety of lighting conditions. Because of this, results can be very bland when shot in dull conditions.

To change film type, go to "Film Mode" in the menus, and select Astia or Velvia. I'm sure you'll prefer one of these - especially for dull lighting situations.

I would echo Hards80's advice, and also add that you should experiment as much as possible with all the Dynamic Range options (i.e. DR100 to DR800) in various situations, so that you get a feel for the right DR for each occasion as it arises. For instance, in dull conditions, where there is very little contrast in the scene, you may want to go as low as DR100 (i.e. no DR expansion), in order to get the punchiest results.
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Thanks for your comments Tomorrow I will try out the film simulations. I saw them in the settings but never actually tried to use them.. As I have more time on my hands I will to shoot the same scene with different settings and see which one comes better etc.. as i need to get used to the camera ASAP
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