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My ????? was merely intended to convey that I found your statement to be illogical. As I see it, if someone finds something to be offensive that by definition makes it offensive. Not necessarily to all people, but to some.

Though perhaps your understanding of the word "offensive" is different from mine.
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"It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is". William Jefferson Clinton
Always use tasteful words - you may have to eat them.
You cannot find knowledge by rearranging your ignorance.

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Peterbj7: without commenting on this specific instance, here's an example: my grandmother for some reason was offended by people kissing in public - but I doubt the majority of people would say that is offensive. So if your point is that if only one person finds something offensive then it is offensive - ok fine, then let's move on. There's no point in arguing that. Arguing over semantics like that is really pointless.

As to this particular situation - it's also pointless to discuss whether the majority or just some people would be offended by the video. A poster could put up a photo of two men (or two women) sharing a simple kiss - some or many people may find that offensive. The fact that they do does not mean that (as long as it is not arguably pornographic) the post should be censored.
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Originally Posted by Tullio View Post
What??? Should I repeat what I said? Question...Is a Christmas tree, offensive?
It depends on where they shoved it......
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Man oh man and to think they showed wild life movies when I was young I wonder how many people were offend then to she Charlie the Cougar if I remember correctly go an a Natural Chase for Dinner or what of the movie on that guy that lived with the bears... that supposedly ended up dead as well.... I have a 2 cats that are really good mousers whom love to bring me the offending results but lord its natural things they do... just like humans having dinner or what ever as well... Get off the complaining of a Natural thing... Be Normal.
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