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Default I love my S9000 but it is falling apart, now what?

I truly, truly love my S9000. (purchased in 2007) I made it through my college photography classes with the camera so it saw a lot of use. But now the command dial quit working and the cover to the battery casing has to be duck taped shut to make a connection. I am afraid it is just done for. I've been thinking about sending it away to be refurbished but I think it will cost almost as much money as a new camera.

I've read up and thought I wanted the S100FS but now I am finding that it is hard to find. So will the RAW files from the S200 work with Photoshop? Or will I hate it?

I am just not interested in a DSLR, at this point but I am sort of devoted to Fuji. I haven't owned anything else since I started with digital.

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s100fs for raw compatibility
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As Cresho said, the S100FS is widely supported. DXO even has auto lens corrections for it. The burst mode is also faster on the S100FS than the S200EXR, and it has the tilting screen. Of course, the biggest feature is the largest sensor size of any bridge camera out there. A fabulous camera for most people. Should be able to get one about $300. Used one's really hold their value well. Only thing that would affect that is if the HS20 turns out to be a fabulous camera and I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

You will come to appreciate the extra zoom range the S100fs offers over your S9000. The digital zoom is pretty darn decent in good light, too.

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People says there haven't been many software that support the raw of S200exr. But the IQ of the JPEG is said to be excellent or at least very-very good. So if you can live with JPG then no problem with S200exr. if no then S100fs' RAW is wider supported, its lens is the same with s200exr but wider but lesser tele.
If you still loving the s9000 there are some used ones available at KEH. Or you may consider to wait until HS20exr arrive, though the small sensor is something to worry, but Fuji's EXR sensor and engine sounds interesting. Just wait and see what will be there in the next few months.
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In case you have not bought a new camera yet, consider following the advice on this page:

I did so last summer and the command dial on my S9000 still works with that toothpick!
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