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Originally Posted by gfmucci View Post
Thanks, Guus. Yes. I have noticed that over there. Some very sensitive, touchy folk, too.

So for you, the alleged "smear" is a smear perpetrated by DSLR fanboys - or at least, obsessive pixel peepers.

I have read two different stories about RAW from the HS20. Some comment that they like the jpg image better after trying RAW. Another said they use RAW to eliminate the "smearing" - which would mean that artifact (if it is noticed at all) may not be related to the "small sensor" excuse:
I am shooting RAW at ISO100... to avoid the noise and smearing...
Any thoughts on RAW? I'm accustomed to shooting and PP RAW with my Pentax, although there would be one more step collecting the converted Silkypix images into my Elements 9, which I believe can be set up to auto import.

Hello gfmucci,

When I got the HS20 at first I used RAW and Silkypix because I was used to use RAW with the HS10. I didn't like the JPEG software of the HS10.
Strangely I liked the result of the RAW processing with the HS10 more than the result of RAW processing with the HS20. HS10 RAW good, JPEG not so good.
HS20 RAW not so good, JPEG good.
Bottom line is that I think the JPEG software on the HS20 is pretty good and causes a minimum of artifacts. So for me there is no need for using RAW anymore. The only postprocessing that is left is use one point of unsharp mask.

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