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Lifeforms Apr 26, 2011 9:52 AM

EXR processor help F300EXR
Can someone help me with my F300EXR please?

Unless I have a duff one, (and its too late for me to send back) the results dont seem to be that great, considering the excellent reviews it received. It seems very mediocre. One minute the results can be good, verging onto excellent (seems to be at medium focal length with nearby subjects central to the frame), the next absolutely abysmal with blurring, loss of sharpness, artificial smearing...need I go on. I paid good money, having had FUJI's which were great cameras in the past. To be honest, at low light it seems abysmal.

Previous 60 Fujifilm and 80 Pentax compact cameras seemed to produce results which were just as good if not better in some areas, although they only had 4x zooms. This F300EXR is not a patch on my old S6500fd.

Do I leave the EXR resolution setting on AUTO800 or change it to AUTO400 or do I manually overide it to 100 or 200 etc etc given the light conditions?

Ive tried everything, not sure what works and doesnt work really, as one minute it blurs, next it takes an excellent shot, next minute it looks like a watercolour.

I did try changing all the manual (A,S,P) to M size files, which just resulted in them looking even worse, like a camera phone had taken them.

All this EXR stuff seems like a bit of a novelty. Why introduce more pixels in the first place if 10 megapixels are enough for good results. Why dont Fuji just drop the marketing novelties and make a good sensor where you just 'click' instead of faffing around.

Sorry for the rant, just having a very bad day and very dissapointed in my f300exr.

mtclimber Apr 26, 2011 10:25 AM

Please take a look at this thread:

Sarah Joyce

Lifeforms Apr 26, 2011 11:07 AM

Cheers Sarah, very much appreciated .

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