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Originally Posted by daveso View Post
gfmucci ... I will be eagerly awaiting your review
Yes, me too!

The most interesting thing I learned from immersing myself in this forum, the dpreview forum, and the Amazon.com reviews over the past several weeks is the evolution of people realizing a camera is pretty darn good.

Several weeks ago, there were more skeptics than supporters (especially at dpreview). The main complaints were the heat sensor coming on prematurely, the HS20 RAW file not being supported by Adobe products like Elements and Lightroom, "excessive" smearing" of photos, and irregular focus and zooming at large focal lengths, especially on video.

One at a time, through diligence of either the manufactures or owners of this camera, these "deal killers" evaporated.

First, the heat sensor problem was resolved via a firmware update.http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digi...0exr/fupd.html

A little later, knowledgable users advised how to virtually eliminate "smearing" in most situations.

At the same time, other users demonstrated how to overcome uninformed attempts at taking action shots by appropriate control tweaking. (Yes, the manual should be more thorough in informing of the features and the circumstances that warrant their use.)

And now Adobe announces that its Adobe Camera RAW can now process HS20 RAW output. http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/extend.html

It appears to me that those who understand the features of this camera and become practiced in their use will achieve predictable and high quality results - better than other superzooms can achieve.

Beware of superficial reviews that don't concern themselves with the design and capabilities of this camera and test it as if it was just another point and shoot.

As a review over at WhatDigitalCamera correctly stated when it compared the Canon SX30 with the Fujifilm HS10 (the predecessor camera to the HS20), the HS10 is much more DSLR-like. Meaning it has more user control options than most superzooms and therefore more capable of getting better results under more conditions. The HS20 goes a step or two further than the HS10. See http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equ...film-hs10.html

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I'm saving my cash now.
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It appears to me that those who understand the features of this camera and become practiced in their use will achieve predictable and high quality results - better than other superzooms can achieve.
This is and has been true of many cameras through the years. The HS-10 and HS-20 are just the latest in a long line of them. Add the folks that are jealous, camera snobs, and the like and you have an uninformed group of people that really have no business making their snap judgments. If you go back through the threads, you will see how I have held people to account for their derogatory remarks by asking if they owned the camera. In my view, if you don't own the camera... shut up. If you DO own or HAVE owned the camera and really tried to work with it but still found it not to your liking, THEN you have the perfect case to voice your opinion.

Superficial reviews by reviewers that have the camera for a limited time to test it can only give a review based on a stock set of criteria. They don't, in most cases, take the time to see if their is a workaround or a way to get the camera tweaked. Therefore, I take reviews like this with a HUGE grain of salt. I make my decision to buy a camera based on personal experience with a previous edition (in my case the HS-10) or image samples from other users in the field. I have only had to downgrade one time using this method so I think that's a pretty reliable way to go.
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