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Default 602 z - Best results without lots of pre/post production?

Ok, the more I read these forums, the more ignorant I feel. Having a little trouble understanding the lingo and the whole nine yards.

Frankly - I bought my first digital camera (the s602Z) because I can't be bothered with paying, and then waiting for my pictures to develop.

Likewise - I can't be bothered with overly extravagent pre-picture or post-picture work I've read about here for much the same reason. Running a quick noise reduction filter would be fine, but unless I feel a particular picture has REAL potential, I'm more likely to ignore it permanently than attempt to touch it up.

I've reached the limit in picture quality I'm going to hit without learning how to tweak my habits and my camera a little. Critiqueing myself -
- Overall Composition: While I may only like the composition of up to 1/3 of my shots, I feel I know what I want to achieve whether I do or not.
- I strive to get my subject matter to fill 1/3-1/2 of the picture.
- I instinctively put the horizon 1/3 of the way from the top of the picture.
- I understand that light is my friend.

O.K.: Stuff I understand and am still improving.
- Hold the damn camera level (damnit)
- if the lightsource is behind my subject, either forget the shot, or if I really want it try to fill it in with the flash.

Needs serious improvement:
- Anything without ideal light - hand held shots.
- Lots of my shots gain white artifacts on the edges of objects.
- Lots of my outdoor shots look blue to me. Especially some of the pictures of Glacier and Yellowstone in my Harley folder (see link below)

For an idea of the shots I take, look at
- these reduced pictures were originally taken on the 3m normal setting.

The real questions
What quick steps can I use to improve my shots with my S602Z? I'll throw in camera use questions here, but if there is an obvious generic photography habit I need to learn feel free to mention it.
- After reading several posts here, I'm bumping it to 3M fine.
- I'll very rarely want to print anything larger than 4x6, with an occasional 8x10. Full resolution photo's I had professionally printed at full resolution as part of a large collage ended up about 3x5 in size and look great.
- I'm looking for suggestions like "before low light shots, configure your camera by doing <blah> - once done snap shots away with little to no planning" OR
- "In broad daylight shots set your <aperature? shutter speed?> to blah leave the other one on automatic (I really hope you guys don't recommend doing both manually, I feel I can't realistically do that manually on the fly without SLR).

I can't seem to take a decent backlit shot in daylight. I'd love to be able to.

If it is possible to give me *just a few* tips that aren't too technical, you'd be doing me a real service folks!

Thank you!

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