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Default S602

Would anyone agree that the Fuji S602 is a classic Digital Camera?
Of what i have read so far, on different sites, this camera has a very good all-round package.
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I like mine and the next move in quality terms would probably be high Mpix DSLR - certainly a fimware upgradable one from a manufacturer with an active upgrade policy (??), but cost of cam plus essential lenses is still too high for me.

If you have a S602, I still think it's worth having a more compact point and shoot second camera as well - for the 'party circuit'. Candid shots just melt away when you're holding a fistful of black S602 with the flash open! VOX
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I have to agree with VOX. I have a 2400 Zoom, which is great as a point and shoot, the 3x optical zoom is a great feature. I also have bought 2 602pro ( The first was "adopted" by my resident pony tailed camera bandit) I am very happy with the 602pro. None of the above are a DSLR, nor do they really pretend to be. When budget allows, a DSLR and some really good glass will be on the menu. In the meantime, I'm havin' fun with what I have!!!!

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Old Jan 15, 2004, 8:11 PM   #4
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Lucky you guys!! :lol: i was looking for S602 last year before i finally got myself an S7000. The problem is here in Malaysia, Fujifilm Malaysia has discontinued ordering S602 since last year. i was very disappointed as i have read that S602 is a good camera (despite some minor problem but i can live with that ).

Finally, got an S7000 and i'm loving it! :P

enjoy yours guys

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All cameras have their good and bad points. It all fals into what is the right one for the person who is using/buying the camera.
The S7000 is a superior camera, the S602 has a few endearing features too. For my usage, the 602 fits better. I don't do large prints, but it does give me lots of options and features. I also can honestly say that it is not my equipment that limits my ability. A friend of mine has a S2, he can produce better pictures with my point and shoot than I can from his S2!!! Me thinks I have a long way to go yet, if I ever get there!!!! My resident pony tailed camera bandit ( who has my first S602 ) Can also get better pictures out of anything than I can!

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