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Default Wired remote shutter release for HS20

Does anyone know of an inexpensive third-party wired remote shutter release that will work with the Fujifilm HS20 EXR? I've heard that some remotes designed for Nikon cameras will work with Fuji cameras as well. Is that true?

My old S9100 had a socket incorporated into the shutter button for a simple cable release and I used it all the time. It's a simple, cheap and effective solution and I don't understand why it's not being used anymore.

Thanks for your help!
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The ones that are made for the S100F work just fine. I got mine from Gadget Infinity. BE SURE YOU GET THE USB VERSION!!
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Hi Toshi,

I've just got one from Amazon.co.uk

Fuji's number is RR-80. I think that it was 10-00 with free

P&P. It just plugs into the side of the HS20 on the left.

It's cheap but it works perfectly.
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I bought one fom Adorama, Fuji stock number is RR-80 and it works beautifully......J4c
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Thanks for the heads up on this, have bookmarked and is a must have.
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Just ordered mine from Amazon. Can't be bad at 8.99 w/free p&p.

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Default Pin out for RR-80 to use w/ HS-20?

Would anyone know the pin out for the RR-80? I assume it is a plain switch and connecting the correct two contacts of the USB would trip the HS 20 shutter and almost any length wire could be used
Could an RR-80 owner measure continuity [or resistance] between the USB contacts and post which pins are connected with the switch closed [the one w/ nil resistance in ohms]? Please number pins from left to right as you are looking into the USB plug when the USB Icon is up. TIA
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Originally Posted by programmer View Post
The pin connections for USB connectors are published in many places on the web - now the bad news; it is not simply a case of applying a voltage level to one of the pins - the Universal Serial Bus (USB) as its name suggests uses serial data communications (and they follow a complex interogation process when a USB slave is connected to a master device).

In short without knowing the format of the data required by the Fuji camera you wouldn't stand a chance of doing this. Even with that knowledge you would have an aweful lot of work to do. If you really want one of these you would find it much easier to order one from abroad.

Failing that buy a long mechanical type of shutter release.
I found the above by Programmer searching w/ "Fuji Remote Release" not using "RR-80". At this point I am not sure if it is that complicated, but not yet owning an RR-80 I have no way of checking.
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