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Default S7000 Battery Drain Problem

For all of you S7000 people out there that experience this problem you might want to take a look at this. It seems as if it is only available in the UK
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"In addition, Fujifilm will be pleased to carry out an assessment on any cameras purchased outside the UK, providing that the user is resident in the UK."

Looks like UK members are going to make a lot of friends then! Sounds like they missed out a surface mount diode, in the power line to the CF card. VOX
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Default CF Fault

Originally Posted by voxmagna
" .. they missed out a surface mount diode, in the power line to the CF card
Hiya maaaate,
OZ is also fixing the problem under warranty, no questions asked. Do you have any confirmation that's its a "reverse" diode problem. My understanding is that they are replacing a transistor and resistor, to achieve a larger Power-off pulse. The "issue", as I read it, is that when the micro is ready to goto sleep-mode, it Pulses OFF all peripheral devices, as all OE lines are now virtually open impedance. Some CF manufacturers had too much VCC storage (capacitance) so did not get powered off, thus the problem. A "quick and easy fix" is to pop open the battery door, then close it immediately (or longer). That is WELL enough time to discharge the CF. You DO NOT actually have to take the batteries OR CF card out. What really annoys me is, IF Fuji relented on their damn "we will never update firmware" stand, they could have fixed it in 5 secs WORLDWIDE with a quick firmware "patch" ie extend the Power-off pulse. I can only drool over Canons new auto-firmware update feature. Will there ever be a perfect company? :-)
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Hiah James,

No specific knowledge, just an intelligent guess, although the info about UK returns is apparently from Fuji.

The reason I took some interest in this, is there was another unrelated post about image quality varying between 2 different CF card makers. Now all the digital techies said this was impossible, But I reckoned that supply rail decoupling and fast cards just might get some clock noise or emc backwards to the CCD circuits.

Just by co-incidence, I watched a school prog yesterday, describing how Polaroid at their Scotland factory designed and debugged their new integrated (large!) digital printing camera. The main problem they had during prototype trials was the appearance of black lines on saved JPEGS, caused by pickup around the CCD processing. circuit. They solved the probs in the usual way with ferrite beads, inductors and caps added around the CCD processor chips. Regards VOX
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