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Default Fuji HS20EXR vs. Nikon P500 ?

Hi all,

I`m new here is need me help, i just like to start with photography i don`t know which one to buy: Fuji HS20EXR or Nikon P500?

Fuji HS20EXR or Nikon P500

I more like to buy Fuji HS20 EXR, what u thing who is better?

  • Fuji HS20EXR have Hot shoe (TTL), Nikon P500 don`t have.
  • Fuji HS20EXR Effective Pixels: 16.0 million pixels, Nikon P500 Effective Pixels: 12.1 million.
  • Fuji HS20EXR have 30x Optical Zoom, Nikon P500 have 36x Optical Zoom.
  • Fuji HS20EXR digital zoom NO?, Nikon P500 Up to 4x (angle of view equivalent to that of approx. 3240mm lens in 35mm [135] format).
  • Fuji HS20EXR Lens Focal Length: 4.2 - 126mm, equivalent to 24-720mm on a 35mm camera, Nikon P500 Lens Focal Length: 4.0-144.0mm (angle of view equivalent to that of 22.5-810mm lens in 35mm [135] format).
  • Fuji HS20EXR have Hot shoe (TTL), Nikon P500 don`t have.
I like to see photos sample from you..

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the hotshoe is worth mentioning, maybe not twice but it is a bonus, but having used and compared both of these i can say from my own opinion the nikon is better. image quality is nice and sharp with little noise at all, whereas the hs20 can get a little noisy. colour on the fujifilm for me looked a little fake also and everytime you autofix images with photoshop it feels the need to reduce the saturation, making for better final images.

now here is the twist...
having tested both of these cameras quite thoroughly, i opted for the panasonic lumix. i have the fz100 which in my opinion was the better all round choice. it shoots raw like the hs20. it has slightly less zoom than the hs20 and a lot less than the nikon, but the plus factors for me were, automatic zoom and very quick autofocus that is perfect for grabbing quick images of things that generally dont stand around long to be photographed. the hs20's lens slide was also a bit juddery for my liking and not as smooth as it could have been, leaving zoom in shots in video mode with a jump and jolt to each close up. not taking anything away from both of these cameras though, they both do a good job, but for me the hs20 just didnt quite make it for all of these reasons and one more... its a bit porky. weight is an issue when lets face it you buy a "bridge" camera because you probably do not want to carry too much kit. it weighs considerably more than most superzooms at around 700+g. the lack of a hotshoe was what won the day with the panasonic over the p500. the one additional peice of kit i would add to the superzoom is an external flash. effectively rendering the race a result!

so to recap,
hs20 sometimes a little grainy for my liking, and heavy too making it less carry-on. it has plus sides a plenty but this is about final choice and prefference (personally of course)

the p500 is lighter by far and smaller too making it a better superzoom for travelling light and getting steadier shots without a tripod, but its lack of RAW ability and no hotshoe made my choice simple

panasonic have released a new version putting right what the fz100 got wrong (after all the fz100 is a couple of years old now) and the new lumix fz150, im told is a force to be reckoned with.
on the grounds of the shots ive seen in the panasonic forums alone, it will probably be my "new" camera very soon!

hope my waffle is of interest in the debate, but remember im not hating on either.
its just my opinion.

kind regards
fz100 user
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Plus the fz-150 has threads on the lens front that accept standard filters, such as a uv filter for lens protection and one of my favs: the circular polarizer.


~fz50 fan~
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Have you ever seen hs-20 ot hs-10, both of them has filter thread for 58 mm filters !
That new only for Panasonic !

My pictures
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