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Buenas dias a todos! In answer to Bugs bunny, oops! The settings were:
1/320sec, f5.6, ISO 400; 1/100, f11, ISO 100; 1/100, f8, ISO 400. The "natural" is as is. It was taken at 15.00hrs in bright sun and very low humididity. The olive is not in good condition and hasn't been pruned for several years. It has lost a lot of it's leaves because of strong winds. I agree it appears over exposed but it is "as is".
Ozzie I appreciate your comments greatly. I am still "playing" with the camera and it was a session of seeing what happened in manual mode. The raw photo was taken to see how the software functioned that came with the camera.
I shall take your advice and use the program mode for a while. Video I'm not interested in, that can wait till last. My aim is to emulate the quality of your photos. I shall shut up for now and concentrate on learning and improving.
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I will try to give you 2 advices :

-When the lightness is very bright USE ONLY ISO 100 ! (set it to ISO 100, not auto 400)
and also when you shoot AE bracketing, use A mode, and use CONSTANT ISO (not auto ISO !!!) This guarantees that the AE bracketing will be done only by changing the shutter speed. Which is very important specially for HDR images !

- And other advice is ... Don't use aperture numbers as f8, f11, the optimal f-numbers are from about f4 up to f6.4.
I don't use apertures over f7.1 and I'm trying to keep it f5-f5.6.
The image quality drops significantly at higher aperture numbers than f6.4.

I also offer you to use P mode, or maybe A mode. But be careful for aperture, to be correct selected.

And, it's not bad, if you want to make good pictures, to start reading some literature

My pictures
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Bugsbunny, thanks for the advice. All this help is really appreciated. I had a session yesterday using P mode, much better results. I have a couple of books, I must do my homework now! Looked at your photos, great. How are you liking the HS20?
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