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Default HS20 price drop. Should Iwait longer to buy?

Looking to buy a HS20. Noticed the average UK price has dropped from 299 to between 220-250 already (didn't know about the HS30 till 2 days ago but guessed it was due hence price drop). I assume that Fuji will want to clear stocks of HS20 to make way for the 30. My quandry is this.... Will the HS20 drop any further in price the closer we get to the 30 being available? The HS30 is listed on Amazon UK for 399, but is that price likely to drop? If it was under 300 I'd be tempted, but at almost double the price it's overpriced. At todays rates, $499 = 317 a whopping 25% more. Is this RRP Fuji alone, or the retailers and Fuji colluding to keep UK prices higher? I'll bet Fuji charges Amazon UK and US the same price, due to bulk buying. But my main quandry is should I wait to see if prices on the HS20 fall or buy now? When is the HS30 hitting the UK shelves? And can anyone suggest a good UK retailer I may be able to haggle with and maybe get a few extras thrown in with it, or an even better price?
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FYI both the HS10 and HS20 when they were released in US were selling for roughly $499.

Also I have not followed the pre-reviews or specs on the HS30. I can tell you the HS20 is a very good camera in the hands of someone who wants to learn it and how to get the best photos from it. Its not a camera you just set on auto and bam its gonna give you the best photos.........In the hands of a good photographer its a really really good camera. And..... the video is just ok, if your looking at the HS20 etc to use it a lot for video you'll wish you had a dedicated video camera, but for stills its very very good.

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The HS30 is pretty much the same as the hs20 but it adds effects (post processing) such as HDR pictures and other settings: Options I normaly would use my pc for creating certain images. The sensor and everything else is practically the same.

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Yes, I agree with Cresho, what I've read for HS-30, it looks like it will get a little video improvements and maybe tweaked software processing. The hardware, I think has no crucial changes. So I don't expect a big quality improvement, which can justify the price difference

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Personally I'd wait for the price drop on BOTH... as Fuji prices always seem to fall very quickly after release...
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Thanks. Video's not an issue as I don't intend to use it for video much as I have an old samsung minidv camcorder which is standard def. If the HS20 video will look better than that then it's a win win situation, if not, I've lost nothing. From your comments HS20's the one. But based on your past experience, how likely is it the price will drop further? I'm concerned the camera will quickly sell out. Simply had 7 in this weekend for 220 delivered free, lastnight was out of stock. Fuji has 0 refurb in stock. Also I need best tips for haggling. Cheers.

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