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The EVF on the Fuji is one of it's strong suits... I thought it was fabulous...!
0.47 inch, 1.44 million dot LCD, 100% coverage.
Seriously- I thought I'd gone to the movies looking through it...!
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G'day Tish & Simon

For all practical purposes, the shutter lag is zero ... point camera at local cat / dog / flower / mountain range and 'kplunk' away it goes

As with every digi camera, it does a final focus & 'beep' then a final metering & 'beep' and then kplunk. In practical everyday terms I raise the camera to my eye, manual zoom for image size and press the shutter button - I get the 2x beeps and the kplunk follows > just like any dSLR

As to the EVF on both the Fuji & Panny range [I haven't handled the latest in the canon range], it outperforms every dSLR optical viewfinder on the market

I run my photo 'weekend workshops' thru eastern Australia - and on the friday night when we're discussing cameras, knobs & buttons I pass around the room the Pentax and [my wife] Alayne's Panny FZ100 & the Fuji X-s1 for students to play with by pointing up / down / under the tables / up to the bright lights & out into the dark corners etc. I then grab a Canon or Nikon from a student and my Panny G2, I set both lenses set at 55mm equiv and pass them around as well

Without exception, every student marvels at how bright each EVF is compared with the dSLR cameras, and how easy it is for the camera to focus

When we put the FZ100 & X-s1 EVF's against some of the older digicams &/or some of the $150 cheapies, then there's a huge difference in IQ > the FZ & the X-s1 are so far ahead it's not funny. [the $150 cheapies & older digicams are stated to have 200,000+/- dots in their EVF's while the FZ100/150/200 & the X-s1 & the Panny G2 all have 1,4million dots

Here's some sample images - images shot thru each camera's actual eyepiece via macro lens

The Pentax viewfinder

The Fuji viewfinder just before focus & metering

The Fuji viewfinder after focus & metering

ps- the above screen shots are taken for inclusion into next year's workshop notes ... not done esp for this posting

Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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