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Default HS20EXR external flash

Hi all,

I am looking into extending my photography with an external flash. I have never used one before and have a limited budget.

Has anyone had any success with Yongnuo external flash units on an HS20EXR. I am particularly interested in TTL models.

If you use a manual flash, which one, any how tricky is it to get exposure right. I don't want to hold up family events with "wait a minute, I want to try that one again...groan!"

Thanks in advance for any help.
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G'day mate

Firstly - welcome to Steve's, you'll find everyone here to be a great bunch and easy with offering assistance

I own 3x Y-460 manual / slave flashes
Mostly they are used as a slave flash fired off by the camera's flash, set to minimum flash-power, and in a lounge-room sized studio environment

For the $50-odd they cost, I would say 'get one' and learn how to go with it
You have 8-LEDs on the back for power setting - start at the half-way mark and give more or less as you experiment. You will soon find your flash's comfort zone and after that it's eazy-peazy

I know that others around you will probably say to get the full $$ maker's flashgun - and 'yes' these will do all sorts of things for you but at quite an expense > I suggest you start small and if/when yoiu want to do more, the Y460 will still be there as a 2nd very useful flashgun

Regards, Phil
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That's a great help thanks.

This is what I was thinking/hoping. I was going to go for the YN560 almost same price as YN460 on Ebay. It has the zoom function and higher guide number. It would hopefully allow me to take photos at a greater distance if required.
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UPDATE.... After much research, I came to the conclusion that all manufacturers have different TTL setup and so Fuji TTL flash would be only option for TTL - TOO EXPENSIVE!

So I plumped for the Yongnuo YN560. Cost me 33.53 inc del.

It is great! Photos of family are so much better than using pop up or higher ISO with no flash. Just point the flash at the ceiling to diffuse the light and It doesn't take long at all to tweak the aperture in manual to get the right exposure.

I have used it in slave mode a lot. It works perfectly.

I love this flash. I've been playing around with photography for around 10 years. I cannot believe I haven't bought one of these before!

I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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