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Default Petition for Lens Adapter to X-System for s5pro -Users (Nikon Bayonett) with AF

Hi there, this is just to notify that there is a petition going on, to ask Fujifilm to bring out an adapter.


Of course, it would be nice if you spread the message to have many Fuji-users signing.

This is, because many Fujifilm customers have lots of Nikon lenses, because of the previous Pro/Enthusiast - Line of Fujifilm, the S5pro/S3pro/etc. This line used the Nikon-Bayonett.

Now, Fujifilm has replaced its Pro/enthusiast - lineup with the X-System. This uses another bayonett.

The petition asks Fujifilm to consider, to bring out a solution for their previous customers, that would allow them to connect their Nikon-Bayonett-lenses to the X-System, with support for advanced features like AF-I / AF-S / VR and of course automatic aperture control.

Even if it might seem the opposite at first sight, this might actually be a valuable business opportunity for Fuji: Many S5pro - users are switching to Nikon bodies, because they have invested a lot of money into Nikon lenses in the past.

Such an adapter would give them the alternative to stay with Fuji, without declaring obsolete their lenses.

Anyway, once they own a Fujifilm X - body, their will very probably buy X - System lenses in the future, as these are of course much more suitable for the X-system bodies: Good optics, smaller size, not more expensive etc.

However, if the switch to Nikon, they are probably lost customers forever.

But this is only my personal estimation.

What I want to do, is just to ask Fuji - shall they decide, whether the give it a consideration or not.

So, anyone who feels the same wish may sign.

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Default Nikon does it already - for their customers

Just as an additional information: I was unaware of this, but Nikon does it already, an AF-capable adapter to use their SLR-lenses on the smaller newser system of Nikon 1. Its called FT1 and supports AF on AF-S lenses. So what is good for Nikon customers, could make sense for Fuji customers, too, I believe... I hope, that Fuji at least considers this seriousely.
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