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Default fujifilm hs30exr shutter speed advice

hi I need some advice please I am returning to photography and I am looking at this camera , I used to have a Nikon 5000 dslr which was a good camera but I want a bit more freedom and flexibility rather carrying a lot of kit, lenses etc

my question is this when I used the Nikon if I was tracking a object , birds sports etc the camera kept in focus which I read the Fuji hs30 can do , what i want to know is how it behaves when doing multiple shots as a bridge camera I had a go with carried on taking the shots but the view finder went blank after 1st shot presumably it was loading onto sd card , does this happen with the Fuji or can you fire a few shots while still able to see and track the object through viewfinder ?

hope that makes sense I not expecting it to be like a dslr but I want to see if I can take a few shots uninterrupted through the view finder

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Tracking subjects whilst burst shooting is one of the failings of most bridge camera's.
Very few offer a live uninterrupted view through the EVF- and most give you a quick view of the previous frame captured. Not an ideal scenario for tracking subjects.
Bridge/superzoom camera's also don't have the AF speed of DSLR's- or the accuracy- making things even more difficult- never mind the small buffer or slow card write times..!

However,things are improving in the "bridge/superzoom" world- and AF speeds are improving- with some utilizing hybrid AF systems. My Panasonic FZ-150 tracks subjects through the viewfinder pretty well,because at 5.5 frames per second (or 12 if you wish) viewing the previously shot image is almost a live feed- and the buffer/write times are pretty decent- as is the AF speed.
Fuji's latest HS50 seems to have improved in many area's over the HS30- and speed seems to be one area...
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G'day Mark

Another way of tracking while 'on-the-move' is to use a Red Dot Sight placed in the flash hot shoe

Sold by many places in the US, here's an ad from B&H :-

These small devices are magic to use - you view your moving subject thru the RDS not the camera viewfinder and away you go with your BIF stuff

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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