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Default S7000 and Magicstor Drive: slow or card error

I got a Magicstor drive and starting taking pics and movies with it. Nice to be able to take 30min video or 3000+ pictures!!!

So when I hook the camera directly to me PC or mac, I copy about 20-30 pics, and the copy progress locks up.. like it just hangs..
but I plug the microdrive into a USB card reader and it goes fine.

Also, I record a movie on it and when I go to play it back in-camera, I get about 3 seconds and then I get a "Card Error" on the display... but I copy the move to the computer and its fine, no corruption.

Anyone else experience this or have tips to use the microdrive?
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Sorry no news for you but I am thinking of purchasing this microdrive. Have you had any more luck with it. I do have a CF USB adapter is it much hassle taking it out of the cam and using the adapter to get round the problem?
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I haven't had any problems since then.. I think the problem was that there was one corrupted picture that was causing the hangup.. because I copied some individually until I got the corrupted one to "fail".
I formated the drive in the camera and haven't had that problem since..

The only other problem is that when I try to play back movies in the camera, I get a card eror, but the movies are not corrupted... might have something to do with read speed or something.. weird...

and... if I plug the camera into my mac, the next time I turn on the camera, It takes a REALLY long time to start up.. I think it's because OSX puts those stupid .dStore files in the directories so the camera gets confused... so once I dump everying, I format the card in the camera and am up and running.

But the issues, are just that. issues, and don't make me second-guess using the drive one bit..

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Default I'd be cautious with the Magicstor

It seems quite a few people have had issues with Magicstor. They get hot and don't work in some cameras.

The IBM Drives don't suffer the same problems you mentioned here. I have never gotten any write errors at all, even with long video clips. IBM has been very reliable and very fast. Only about 200.00US for 1GIG which is a very good deal for a fash card considering a XD card at 512 is nearly that price. You also get 217 pictures at the best resolution. 15 minutes of 640x480 video.

I did have a slow 1.5 MPS CF flash card that had write errors like you talked about but it seemed to be the speed of the drive that caused the problems.
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