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Default 3000 question

Trying to figure out the aperature specs on the S3000. Fuji's website lists them as: F 2.8/F4.8/F8.2. Here's my question, are these always available or do they get worse as one progresses through the zoom range. Or, maybe I should phrase it like this, are all those available at all zoom ranges? From what I'm seeing, as the cameras zoom in, the max aperatures shrinks. Anyone know what the 3000 does. Alot of this terminology is new for me, you can probably tell.

I'm really torn as to whether the 5000 is worth the additional $100.00. The review on Amazon and Epinions really make out the 5000 to be well worth the money. From reading the other posts, I guess I'm not the only one trying to figure out how much better the pictures look coming out of the 5000.

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Default The S5000 seems like a better choice.

I don't own either but have seen both but do own a S7000. Owners of the S5000 really seam to like them a lot. Take a look at the conclusions on this site for both cameras. The S3000 seems to be somewhat slow. A lot of lag between shots and misses shots with a lot of movement. No sound with movies and no RAW shooting mode.

The S5000 on the other hand is faster, less lag and better performance. Movies with sound are nice, Plus the option of 6MP Interpol which will allow you to crop a little and still produce larger images than the S3000.

Just some thoughts???
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