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Default Super CCD

Hi everyone
Congrats on very useful site Steve.
Used it time and again but only now decided to join the forum.
Down to business now:

I have been a long customer of Fuji :
Mx 2700
FP 4700Z
FP 6900Z ( bougth by Internet 6 months before been available here in Portugal)
Really like the colours of the 6900z, much improved over the other 2 previous models, the manual options , the zoom, the price.
Dislike focus speed ( or lack of it ), focus in low light situations ( sometimes no focus at all....really annoying ), battery power ( must have 2 sets to really use it careless ).
Lately been reading a lot about super cdd and decided to make some comparisons with Photoshop resize, Lanzcos rezise and using 2048 resolution ( and no digital zoom) vs full resolution and to be honest didnīt find to much difference at 100 % photos.
Now use camera at 2048.
Really bad advertising or what ?
What do you think?
Expecting to buy new camera in the next 6 months and really donītknow if I stick to Fuji or try Sony ( at least no focus problems ).
Really want to hear you opinions.
Lots more to say but already long post.

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First of all, ALL digital cameras use lots of power and the higher resolution and the faster it runs the more power it'll use (after all it's a PC running at high clock speed). It's something one has to live with...

Now on to the Sony. There's no debate that it has an impressive Zeiss lens, BUT the MemoryStick and the Infolithium battery that it uses are two major drawbacks. At higher resolution the MemoryStick will fill up rather quickly (3Mb/picture) and the infolithium has some of its share of bug(and costly), it's too bad that Steve's old board is gone or I would have link you to it.

So I would limit my search to cameras that'll accept both rechargeable NiMh AA(cheapest!!!) batteries and CF flash that can go all the way to the Gigabyte (the IBM microdrive has the cheapest cost/Mb)
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Old Jun 22, 2002, 12:12 PM   #3
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Default First things first...

Well, the 602 is fast at good at focusing even in lowlight (in fact it over exposes images in good lighting). As for the battery power... It is better then the Dimage 7 but still not great! The G2 and F707 are the current leaders in Battery life but that's because they're using camcorder batteries!
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Old Jun 23, 2002, 6:59 AM   #4
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Hi, Francisco
I'm looking to get a new Fuji
I've had the mx1200 and I was thinking of getting the 2800, but ive seen uve used the 4700. What do u think of the 4700, I'm going to use the camera for in/outdoor shots
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Old Jun 23, 2002, 7:41 PM   #5
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Hello Jams

Nice camera, still have it.
+ = fast shoting, flash charging only takes about 2 seconds between shots, 3x zoom, small camera, good colors, fast focus under good lighting, good video with sound, nice shortcuts to common used menus

- = very bad and slow focus in low light situations, too much noise in 2400 res at 100% particularly in low light, must have 2 sets of batteries, no full manual mode

Hope I helped you.
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Old Jul 7, 2002, 5:18 AM   #6
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Default Fuji 4700

Jam & Francisco, agree about the great little 4700. But, you know what? Even when my 4700 seems to be hunting for a focus and doesn't lock on in low light, the pictures always seam in focus anyway! By the way, the 4700 is really replaced by the 4800 now.:P
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Old Jul 7, 2002, 5:41 AM   #7
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Francisco, all that u say about the mx1200 is wronge.

Highest res 1280x960
fast shooting = sort of
flash charging =about 2sec, more like 4
only has 2x digital zoom
has no video or sound
& has no nice shortcuts to common used menus

U've got this cam's totaly wronge
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Old Jul 16, 2002, 12:53 PM   #8
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As for the Super CCD...

I had the 4800z and loved it untill it met with its untimely death in a beer bath.

I didnt notice any improvement in quality when using the interporlative mode to produce a 4 MP file. Seem to be the same quality pic at a much larger file size. Used photoshop 6 and various degrees of magnification to examine each photo.

Just good ole fashioned HYPE

Replaced it with a Olympus D-40- a true 4mp camera.
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Old Aug 9, 2002, 7:57 AM   #9
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Hi Francisco! Get a Fuji!
I sold my FP2800(excelent camera for it's price) and bought a S602Z. It's an amazing camera(for it's price). I got mine for 900€ in C.C. Colombo(Portugal of course).
About sony, I don't even think about it. I never liked sony. Too much marketing...
I love Fuji colors and the design of their cameras(namely 4900/6900/602). 602 holds CF and SM cards, uses 4 AA batteries(1 set up to 200 shots), shutter speed from 15sec to 1/10000sec, continuous shots modes are great!!!
Hope this helps

Tiago Santos
Fuji FinePix S602Zoom
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Old Aug 9, 2002, 1:52 PM   #10
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In the same situation than tiagottx, I changed my 2800 for a S602. And concerning the super CCD, I didn some test, and found that the super CCD interpolation to 6MP is really good for big format prints. For most of my photos I use the 3MP native resolution, (less storage enough quality for small prints and web). However, for photos I have more chance to print, I use the 6MP feature as I found the results (printed) better than the software's interpolation (I use PSP7).
After 2 months of utilisation, I find the 3MP a very good choice in term of size vs quality (unless you want to print each photo at 11x8) and in term of CCD size. More pixels for the same CCD size makes less sensivity and more noise.
Note also, for your main question, that S602 corrected most of the problems of the 6900z.
Concerning the Sony, I did not go because of battery, memory sticks, overall look, and because I really don't need 5MP for my everyday photos. If needed, I have the 6MP option, wich good printed results as explained.
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