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Default Fastest compact flash for 602?????

Right now am mostly using a 128 meg smartmedia card in my 602Z but want to buy another compact flash card for my other camera (canon S100) and also use it in my 602Z and wanted to know if anybody has gotten say a lexar 12x or scandisk ultra card that was fast enough to record movies without stopping after say 30 seconds or so. Right now i got about 22 seconds on a generic CF that i also use in my other camera before the "busy" signal happened, it was able to play and save to PC but I was hoping one of the faster CF cards out there now would get more. Maybe even be able to fill the whole card like the smartmedia cards can.

Oh by the way am looking for a 128 meg CF card. So dont suggest micro drive as it wont work in my Canon camera anyway.

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check out ridata ref:


they have all tech data there thruput read/right stats

i own 2 512mb so far and in my situation shooting RAW images it takes an average of 9.5 seconds to transfer to it. making it faster than my 256 mb ultras by 6-7 seconds. now converting that to your needs and references is fairly easy in timing. a 128 card is rather small for video capture i would think.

you'll note that the above address is in Oz, Australia to us in the northern hemi. dealing with them has never been a problem. fast delivery DHL. essentially $188US + $14US shipping total $202 for a 512MB other sizes available. they back the product. lifetime
compared to ebay, i have seen people get real stupid bidding up this item, as high as $250. i got my first there $197 delivered after bidding 3 different times and waiting to see if i won. not much different to the Oz boys. only 3 year thru the supplier here.

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sjms brought out couple of good points, 85% of big winners at ebay are the sellers not the buyers, the $14 frieght may even be less than auction charges. Might want to be sure card is clear of pics when moving to different model/brand of cam and would also reformat in cam when switched, quick process.
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