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and finally the last replay from fuji i got.
Dear Sir

Thank you for your e-mail.
We are sorry to inform you that there are no considerations to change
current model pallet via firmware.

Kind regards

Tania Kliebenschädel
FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG

no need to comment this thou!
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I realize I may open a can of worms by saying this, but I've worked with Asians before (as in FROM Asia, not "Asian-Americans), and I've actually had a couple of them admit to me that "listening to consumer comments is not a priority" among many Asian companies.

This of course would explain why Fuji still makes so many models that have no quality/compression settings in them OR auto focus assist lights - even though all of the major reviews (online and in print) have been telling them they NEED to add these features. You have to either be very stupid, or as I was told, "don't care what people think", in order to not listen to these. They said money talks, and once sales drop or enough models are dud-sales, then improvements are made.

Oh well... so much for the power of consumers, huh?

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I have a feeling they are not flash updatable. Even when they had the battery issue with the S7000 you had to send the camera into them to fix. I have looked through their site repeatedly and have not found one update every on any camera they have produced. They may be using a standard firmware chip not a flash chip. That would require them to take out the old chip and put ina new one to replace it. If I had a broken one laying around I would be tempted to pull it appart and see what is inside.

Don't get me wrong, I really like my S7000 and would buy it again, but I think the company basically doesn't have a feel for the market. They haven't changed the basic camera design for a long time and the lense is the same. Then they produce a new 1000.00 camera thats only 3MP in the same basichousing and lense. They don't offer different compression settings accept on the highest setting. When questioned about anything they have a form response, we appreciate you comments. Canon, Minota, Olympus, Sony all offer firmware updates from time to time.
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