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Default How many shots?

59 shots available in RAW mode, luverly!!!!
Still for hols and suchlike 875 shots at 3mp is pretty good! And for the times I'll shoot for magazines 59 is plenty, plus I have now two 256mb CF1 cards so that helps.
Makes the 16mb SM card look puny........
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this is an old post, and is an old camera (mines 8years old)
Fuji S602Z (love the macro mode ! and low level light capable.)
Long live 602s

the camera can not truly do a full format so
there are only 2 choices. to recover corrupted media (besides new)
1: XP or win7
in the run box type, "CMD" then enter
then type format /? so you can see what it can do.

now using explorer , see what drive letter your CF flash comes up as ,
it wont be C: for sure.
Mine comes up as L:

plug the CF media in to camera or an external USB CF reader.
make sure you know what drive it is assigned.

now type in the CMD box (above)
"format L: /FS:FAT" (subs L: for you media name , do not use quote marks)
type format space El colon space fwd-slash FS colon FAT
FS= means file system
this works on any windows box made.

now unplug the camera, plug in this new media and format using the camera.
all frames.
bingo good media

solution 2:
i bought the Microtech camera mate and did a binary scan on the whole CD disk.
no CFprep program. (i will keep testing this cd)
so now trying to buy a dazzle CF reader ( found one on Amazon for $3)
i will report back.

the dazzle is reported as having CFprep.

I still love my camera and use it constantly (buttons paint long gone)

i have 2 x Hitach(ibm) 4gb microdrives that show as 2GB. and are wonderful.
But will never work at high altitude ! so dont try.
i have 1 CF fash with 2GB now.
its faster this new flash card. than the hard disks.

sure wish someone would source the CFprep.exe , online.

wish other poster had said how they found Cfprep?

hope my post keeps your media going another 8 years.

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