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Im John, im from the UK, this is my first post here.
Im currantly looking for my first digital camera and have had my heart set on the S7000 for quite a while. Anyhow, last night while browsing the net i found the Fuji S20 pro for £400 which i thought was a good price, untill i found out it has less True Pixels than the S7000? Why is this? I would think for paying more money the camera would be better, but it doesnt seem to be.
Can anyone help me with this? Is the S20 pro a better camera than the S7000? Is it worth me paying the extra cost?
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The S20Pro is suppose to be a high end version of the S7000. It does have some better software and additional features, however in uses the same chip as the 700 which is really 3MP and the color from what I see doesn't look as good as the S7000. The S20Pro was about 1000.00USD but if it was the same price as the S7000 I would still buy the S7000 over it. I really don't understand why Fuji keeps taking steps backward while other vendors are taking forward steps. They would have been better off going with a true 6MP processor or with the new 8MP.
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Gidday mate,
ACTUALLY, not in any way wishing to start an argument, but I have a different view. The S20 has MAJOR advantages over the S7000. First the 3/6MP issue is WAY more complex than just numbers. You will have NO problems printing PERFECT A4's and A3's with the S20, so the extra pixels (noisy due to smaller size) delivers NO advantage IMO !! This 6MP / 8MP craze is plain stupid, they are just trying to appease the pixel counters. The S20 also has EXCEPTIONAL dynamic range, very FAST shooting and a 10 frame buffer !! AND (the canadian version) comes with FULL on-line Tethered software, HSV2 !! You will be able to store over twice the FULL res shots on memory cards !! So if you can get it for a similar price .. RUUUUN :-) Coming from a S602, I would never consider the S7000 over the S20. YMMV
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I agree with JKirkept for one point, cost. The S20 prois priced much higher than the S7000 in most markets. I agree that pixel count is overrated and that the S20 has many advantages, but are they worth that much more? Of that I am not really convinced.

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I am also thinking of the S20 Pro or the S7000. The price of both have dropped and now you can buy the S7000 for under $500 US and the S20 Pro for under $700 US. My question is the S20 Pro worth the extra $200 dollars
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