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Default FinePix S602Zoom, CF?!?

Hi everyone,

I just got my shiny new finepix 602 yesterday and it worked beautifully with a 256 "RAmos" CF1 card for about an hour.

I loaded the card into a USB reader, and transferred images over to HD, then formatted the card. Now I get a " ! Card Not Initialized" message.

I can use the card through the reader as antoher drive, and I can plug the camera directly into the computer USB, and get to the CF like that, - but the camera itself refuses to behave. -

I'm wondering if it's the CF type, or wether I've done something to it, or wether the Camera is faulty.

any light shed would be gratefully received.

Thanks, Nick.
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Default format!

Did you format the card in the camera or with the card reader. If you formated the card with the card reader you did a no no because it most likley formated it FAT 32 and the card needs to be formated FAT16. I read in another forum if your running windows XP you can pick to format at FAT 16. Windows 98 and newer will format at FAT32 by default. Your camera wont read FAT 32 file format. Now the question is how to format it back to FAT16. Go to the link i post below, there they are talking about how to format using larger allocation units to get better performance taking videos but if you follow the instructions that will also get it back to FAT 16. Its instructions using windows XP, i dont now how with other OS's.


But if you did format in the camera then not sure why its not working. Why did you reformat in the first place?? from now on just copy files onto PC with card reader then erase all pictures with camera, thats what i do.
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Hi there.. -
I had cleared all the images off the card in a reader, I guess xp resets the allocation table automatically on an empty removable disk.. -

I discovered formatting with the camera..

sorry - very much a newbie

Thanks man.
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well if it formatted using fat32 it did.
if next time you use the dropdown list it will show fat (fat16). you can format with fat on xp. if your reader is on win 98 and you loaded the software for it. a seperate utility was loaded for formatting the card at fat16
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So far, I've had no problems DELETING cam files on Smartmedia with the pc and reader. I assume putting files back would be O.K since the actual format is unchanged and windows reads both 16/32 FAT, as long as you don't change the directory structure.
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