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Don't waste your time even thinking Fuji will entertain a firmware update for the S7000. We tried to petition them, I even got to talk with a "real technician" who said "...the company does not support this philosophy in the consumer market..." That route is a "brick wall."

If you want a Fuji camera that does what you want it to do buy one that does it out of the box. For whatever reason the company does not issue updates. If some clever technically minded individual were to "adjust" the firmware and post it along with the utility to flash the camera (such as the Russian Canon 300D firmware) then there might be a chance at an upgrade.

If you want a camera with low noise consider a Canon. If you are happy with your Fuji then post process before you print in PS CS. Shoot 12MPFine Softor Raw and you should be ok. The S7000 is good but it will never be a DSLR or anything close, it is what it is (and not too bad at that given the price.)
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s7000User wrote:

It was not my intention to use yellow at all. This message board software is the worst I have seen in a long time. Why do you need text formatting in message boards? I wrote my reply in MS Word and pasted in to the boards. It came out black on black, which, you would agree, even harder to read than yellow. So after trying all kinds of things I made it yellow. Now Itried to fix itbut I am sure that would cause problem for someone else withanotherbackground.

Regarding camera I have a question. If you clean noise with some software will your image be accepted? I tried all kinds of different things but there always something left. Especially with high detail image it is hard to clean noise without affecting detail. What is you experience? My next choice is Nikon 5700, which is a tad more expensive than S7000 but makes nearly perfect images as far as I can tell from the samples.

I think noise has to do with SCCD combined with JPEG compression and in camera sharpening. If your remove last 2 by shooting raw noise is somewhat reduced. I wonder if you can take a raw image and throw away all the R-pixels reducing it to a normal 6MP CCD would the noise persist?

Is there anyone with thoughts it this area?


I am VERY sorry for the delay in answering this for you - I have had the flu, and quite frankly, during all of it, forgot about this thread!

In case you are still interested in the answer - there are various programs out there that reduce noise in images, and each one effects sharpness in various ways more or less. I have found that most of them do knock out some sharpness, however, Paint Shop Pro version 9 (newest version) has a noise reduction filter that works better than any other I've tried personally. You can tweak the amount, blending, and sharpening it applies, so with a little practice can knock out much of the S7000's noise. I haven't had it a very long time, but a couple of images that were declined in the past were accepted after running them through this particular filter. With enough tweaking in any image editor you can probably get similar results, but this one simplifies it greatly.

Note, PSP9 is $129 retail or around $49 upgrade - so it's not a free program, and if you don't have a large need for it, it might not be worth the investment unless you're upgrading from a previous version.


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