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I just bought A new S7K today, Haven't figured out all it's functions, but just wondering how to take pictures with shallow depth of field in normal scenes. I am not talking about macro photography(there it would be automatic!).

It has minimum aparture of 2.8, is it enough for shallow depth of field.


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Your camera will have dramatically more depth of field at any given aperture, focus distance, and 35mm equivalent focal length, compared to a 35mm camera. This is because of the tiny size of the sensor (so a much shorter focal length lens can be used to get a greater 35mm equivalent focal length).

So, many users find it almost impossible to get a shallow depth of field with a larger subject with a non-DSLR model.

This is because Depth of Field is determined by aperture, focus distance and the actual (versus 35mm equivalent) focal length of the lens.

The lens on your S7000 has an actual focal range of 7.8-46.8mm. So, for any given actual focal length, your subject will occupy a much greater portion of the frame, compared to a 35mm model.

So, shooting at f/2.8 (the largest available aperture on the S7000), is more like shooting at around f/13.5 on a 35mm model, from a depth of field perspective.

See this Depth of Field Calculator to see how this works with your camera. Make sure to use the actual focal length of the lens:


Your best bet for a shallow depth of field with a larger subject, is to shoot wide open at f/2.8, put a lot of distance between your subject and the background, and frame very tight (fill the frame as much as possible).

With larger subjects, this may still not be good enough for the desired effect. You can also use software to simulate a shallow depth of field (gaussian blur, etc.). Search the editors forum and you'll find some tips.
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