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The lens of my Fuji A210 has become scratched and is now making pictures with fuzzy areas. So I need to replace the lens. I took the front assembly off that holds the lens in place and it would be VERY simple to install a new lens.

My question is, does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a new lens (it's just a little piece of plastic - groud to exact optical specs)?

Or does anyone know of a repair location that would charge an honest fee for this simple 10 minute procedure? (I received a $95 + shippingestimate from CameraRepairJapan in Georgia, which seems beyond ridiculous and borders on criminal!)

But what I really want is a place to buy the part?


SciFiArtMan -Houston, Texas
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I recently "repaired" my friend's Fuji A210 with CD polish - a fine abrasive paste used for removing surface scratches from compact disks.

You could probably try that as there is nothing to lose at this point. Look for the thread here called "Can paper towel scratch a lens to this extent?" or something like that. Here it is.

It worked but left a few blurry spots here and there. The lens was damaged beyond repair and if my repairhaven'tworked the next stop for the camera was the trash, unfortunately.

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Actually I tried a similar approach with a buffing compound made for plastics. It removed the lens coating which was part of the original problem, and the camera takes pretty good pictures now. But a shot outdoors with lots of grass revealed that there are areas of the frame that come out blurry with the rest of the frame very focused. Also in very strong light, there is a definite soft focus effect in some areas of the frame. So to get really sharp overall focus I feel like I now need to find a new lens. I can't beleive that it's impossible to find a shop or a supplier that could sell me just the lens - or that a shop can't be found that could make this very simple and quick repair for under $50 USD. That's my quest!

Thanks for your assistance!

SciFiArtMan - Houston, Texas
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Hello my friend.I saw ur question and i want say that I ve the same problem.I d want know if got to solve it.I m very nervous with it.Send a reply ok??
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