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Ok, bought it used off of ebay, a lil wear and tear... barely. The inside of the lens is a little dusty, so I'll probably have it cleaned whenver I can afford it. (Or can we do it ourselves???)

BUT onto the real questions...

1. I did not recieve a lens cap, what size will fit, 52-55mm?

2. What ev, settings do I want for particular settings, lighting, indoors, outdoors, too much light, low light, etc? Please any tips would be great.

3. I am planning on buying a adapter tube, and UV filter asap also, but for now the shots are looking good.

My gosh the macro mode rocks...!!!

Here are some shots so far... http://mywebpage.netscape.com/TLMiller10/flower.jpg- Super Macro mode I believe with auto settings, same for the second!


My parking lot behind my apartment at school, with my Chevy Impala.

full telephotozoom...

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Good on you tlm.You'll be pleased with the 602. I've had one for a few years & very satisfied. As to your questions:

1: Size of lens cap appears to be 42mm, without any adaptor tube.

2: I found the camera tended to overexpose slightly, so I always use -1/3ev.

3: Adaptor tube highly recommended. I use it permanently, with either a UV or pola filter. Lens cap for this is 55mm.

Macro mode: You are correct. This feature is excellent. I found best resultsby using a tripod that allows precise vertical adjustment of camera to object distance, with camera pointing down to the object.

1:Use the manual focus optionwith magnifying the LCD view. Precise focus & framing can be set.

2: For exposure, use manual, or aperture prioitry to select a very small aperture (highest#). The depth of field in macro is extremely small, so the small aperture gives better DOF.

3: To avoid camera shake, use delayed action to take the shot.

4: Lighting. Some experiment is useful. I've had best results using daylight very near a large interior window.

These techniques have produced excellent results for Macro & super macro of small objects, even small prints.

Macro in the field, like the flowers, is different. Not so easy to control, but good focus & small aperture will help.

Good luck.
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Well what did you think of that flower shots I took? Those were the first two photos I made. Outside my music building right when the sun came out for the first time in 2 days after a small rain shower.

What do you think? It was auto settings, with macro on.


Any other tips for great photos? What do you think about using Normal sharpening, or do you use soft? I'm never using hard, because it stinks, plus the reviews say it stinks.

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