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I was just trying out my new 512 xD card that should last forever or 5 yrs whichever comes first, and after erasing a series of shots the camera suddenly reads "card error". Igo to>>record>,play,>power off,> power on...."card error""card error".

Once i pulled the card out and re-placed it it was fine. I'm going on a year long trip and this kind of thing on day one is possitively unreassuring.

Another oddity is when the camera is pointed at a pointsource of light, a narrow bright blue or green column displays vertically, crossing the light source. It doesn't record on images. (at least not on-camera...but then neither does the vingetting so i'd better check...)

The auto white balance deffinately has a mind of it's own as it seemed to go back and forth between a very yellowish picture and then neutral from image to image as i shot the same scene (low light) over and over again, filling up the card the first time.

I'm starting to think that these quirks are just to be expected inthese cameras and to not be thinking "warranty". If it does most of what it is supposed to, figure you are fortunate?

In all honesty, this is my 3rd try.

1st) had stuck pixel

2nd)lots of warm or hottish pixels even at 1/500 sec speed. though this would not have been noticed most of the time. But kind of confusing when the first camera was dead black even at 15secs. I thought it had pixel mapping but it doesn't.

I welcome any thoughts about all this.



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I wrote that note in a hurry and should add:

I am otherwise very happy with the camera. I like it's ergonomics and overall feel.

I don't know what the complaints about focussing time are about, i've found it to be very fast. and work fairly well in dim lighting.
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havent noticed any problems with vignetting at all.. maybe i have a different revision of my camera? not sure.

about autowhitebalance. Yes it can live a life of its own, but then again, i guess its hard todo such a function that works great.

I use to set my own whitebalance instead. that works great for me.

otherwise it usually have problems to see if the lightsource is a normal light, or a lighttube.. or what the enlish name is
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