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Default HELP!!! WinXP and Win98 does not see camera.

I need to solve this prob in a hurry because I am just testing this camera and need t return. I have a Finepix 2650 and when I plug it into one of my 8 USB ports, windows does not detect it. The DSC shows on the camera lcd so I think it is a driver problem. It may also be an IRQ problem because the modem and USB ports are sharing the same address. one more thing is this camera USB 2.0 compatible?

I know the camera works because I tried it on my dell laptop with WinXP and it worked fine.

I really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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Have you looked in device manager, to see if the camera
is there? Have you tried the USB port for anything else?
Try swapping things around, to isolate the problem.
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I have used USB downloads with both XP and Win2K on two different PCs. No problems with both...PCs recognized hookup of digital camera.

I suggest following the same procedures each time,. i.e., PC powered up and running; plug USB cable into camera; turn on camera; plug into USB slot in PC; be mindful of what happens, whether PC recognizes new device and correctly identifies it as digital camera, etc. If that doesn't work remove all USB devices to check if there is a conflict.

Troubleshooting requires elimination and verification of one variable at a time.

Good luck!
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Try disconnecting ALL other USB devices, and plug the camera into the PCI USB board if that's what your basic USB connection is. I'm assuming you didn't have an 8 port USB hub on the laptop, so make your PC look as much like the laptop as possible. If the camera works as the ONLY USB device, then start adding other USB devices while the camera is attached and see how many you can attach before one isn't recognized. Although it's supposed to be PHYSICALLY possible to hook 255 devices to the USB, I don't think Windows can handle it in the software.
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