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I recently made serious errors ordering filters, then adapter-rings for the Fuji S7000. At this point, I'd like to know the size of the female element on the zoom-lens so I can order the right size filter/s, lenses or adapters. I already have a step-down of 55mm to 52mm that fits the housing for the zoom lens,and have ordered an adapter for that to accomodate the small slew of filters I bought that did'nt fit.

Joe Pascavage
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What size did you buy? I don't have my tube or filters with me, but I'm pretty sure it's 55mm.

For what it's worth, when I bought my filters, I mistakenly added a 52mm filter to my order and they took it back without question (or course, I handn't opened it yet when I realizedthe error). www.camerafilters.com Someone else here recommend them, and I've got nothing but good things to say about them.
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IMHO, it's not a good idea to use filters or lenses smaller than the size of the adapter tube of 55mm provided by Fuji.

They have an adapter 55mm to 55mm. The problem is that here, in France, this adapter branded Fuji is sold three times the price that I found and ordered from a ebay seller (kkluo in Illinois).

Buy this adapter and eventually a step-up ring to fit 58mm filters or conversion lenses. Doing so you'll never get "vignetted" photos (with dark corners).

A good source is www.go4dc.com. I ordered from them with no problem.

Hope this help.

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Old Jan 26, 2005, 3:53 PM   #4
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Keep in mind that the lens assembly has no threads. That in mind, the camera housing has a 55 mm threaded port for an adapter tube, which will hold filters and lens converters. I have both a 55 - 55 mm tube and a 55 - 52 mm tube. To these I attach 52mm filters, 55mm filters, 55 mm teleconverter, 55 - 52 mm ring, 52 - 49 mm ring, 49 mm filters and a 49 mm teleconverter. A very wide assortment of accessories. Do I notice any significant deviation from one set to another ... not really. I find the 55 - 49 mm setup as acceptable as the 55 - 52 mm, or 55 - 55 mm setups. It seems to depend upon how many rings/filters/conversion lenes I put on at one time more than anything.

Good Luck, and ...

Happy Shooting !

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My eyes are succumbing to age and whatever else, and I learned from one of the replies to my original post, that what I thought were threads on the moveable tube were steps. My camera came with a 55 to 52mm tube, I ordered a 55 to 55mm tube and adapters for accomodating the bunch of 43mm lenses I bought. That'll have to do 'till I upgrade to something that won't cause vignetting. (so far I have'nt done anything with the 43mm filters, 'cause I have'nt rec'd the adapter, but I held a 43mm to the zoom manually, and did'nt notice vignetting thru the viewfinder.

I've already ordered from 'Camera Fil;ters'.com, and have checked out the Go4DC.com site, and they both offer an affordable direction out of my haste and mistakes.

To all who've replied, a bunch of appreciation.

Thanks again,

Joe Pascavage
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I have seen a 43mm adaptor at http://www.bugeyedigital.com/product...uji4900ad.html so I would suspect that any vignetting will probably only occur at wide angle. Let me know your results when you receive the step down ring.

I already have a Raynox 5255 tube for my, yet to arrive, S7000 to use with a Cokin A-series system and some 52mm filters I have from my film SLRs.

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