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I hear all the time "I Love This Camera" Since we can't have every camera out and many of us have trouble decideing what camera to buy ( like me) I thought it would be interseting to ask Those of you who just love their camera and would not ever want to part with it tell Why.
What is it about your camera that makes it a great camera? What can your camera do best? What makes you loyel to it? Why do you LOVE your camera? Is there a feature you would not ever want to live without? Help those of us that do not have your camera understand why you would recommend it for us. Be honest about its faults too! Introduce us to your Best Friend, Your Camera!!
I for one would learn allot from a discussion like this and I think it would be fun too.
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I like my Fuji finepix S7000. It does everything well. It takes great pictures and can take 12mp images with interpolation.I always just shoot at 6mp though and that seems fine for nice 8x10s. It has a great movie mode at 640 x480 30fps and will run until you run out of memory. There is a little noise in some shots of things like a light blue sky but Ive never noticed it in any 8x10 Ive printed. It has two different macro modes and I can focus on things right up until I bump into them with the lens barrel. (try that with a rebel with out having to buy another lens). It also has a 6x zoom. it uses compact flash cards which are among the cheapest to buy. It feels good in your hand and has full manual mode if you so desire. Also has some scene modes if you want to use them. I think for the $$$ this camera does everything you would want to do with a camera all rolled into one cool looking package. It has some trouble focusing in low light and in some shots will produce a little digital noise but nothing that Ive ever seen show up in a 12x8 print. Im quite happy with it and am very glad I bought it. ON the other side I do plan on buying a cannon 20d just to get the most clearest noise free pics I can but with it I still couldn't frame a shot through the LCD and would have to buy extra lenses to be able to do what my S7000 can do.

Hope this helps. :-)
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I love my FUJI E550. It takes the clearest pictures and the large LCD display makes it easy to compose my shot. The optional cradle makes charging the batteries quick andsimple. It has a great auto setting but plenty of manual choices as well. For the money, it is a great digicam. Oh, and its design makes it easy to hold and it feels comfortable in my hands. Great camera!
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I like my Fuji Finepix S602. The camera does everything well (but not necessarily really well). Should be inducted into the digital camera hall of fame.

What is so great about this camera?

- great ergonomics. soon you forget about the camera and it becomes your photographic tool.

- very responsive shutter and controls. the poor man's nikon d2h for sports photography.

- uses double A not proprietary rechargeables.

- above average lens with 37-210mm coverage.

- uses both compact flash and smart memory. How many cameras give you two choices?

- very good video mode

- up to 1600 asa and 1/10,000 shutter speed.

- not overly expensive in their day

- robust. I once dropped it and bent the lens in its socket. I just straightened out the lens, cleaned it up and it hasn't missed a beat since!

- underrated in some ways, as are the entire range of fuji cameras in my books.

- great image quality -- "that fuji look!"
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Old Jan 26, 2005, 9:54 AM   #5
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I have the s7000, and while I really like my camera, everyone here is going to tell you how great it is,I thought I'dgive you both sides.

Personally, I don't think this is a good general purpose family snapshot camera. You need to think about what you're doing, and pay attention to all the visual cues in the lens. That can be annoying when you're really just trying to get a shot of your kid before they run out ofthe house.

The auto/manual focus switch is in a really bad location and is easy to bump when going in and out ofthe camera's bag. It can be hard to tell in the EVF if the image is really in focus. Those two factors pretty much gaurentee that anytime my wife uses the camera, the pictures will be out of focus. It would have been nice if when using Auto-mode, the flash would activate itself. Again, going back to problems my wife experiences with it. Her 35mmcamera does this, and shehas a hard time gettingused to having to manually open the flash for it to work.

I don't know why you'd buy an s7000 as a snapshot camera, because it's not "automatic" enough for that in my mind. Also, the 4:3 aspect ratio of the shots makes framing your shot through the lens difficult, since all your shots need to be cropped. This seems to be consistant throughout the Fujiline, even on their snapshot cameras. I don't get that.

The compression inthe camera is a little harsh, and as others have said they will occasionally look noisey on the computer monitor, but I too have not noticed it in prints. For me, one of the more frustrating things is that Fuji held back the abilty to get a raw or lightly compressed6MP image from the camera. If you want that, you need to step up to the interpolated 12MP picture. Seems like a waste of hard drive/memory card space to me.

Now like I said, I personally don't think this isn't a very good snapshot camera, but I also don't think that is exactly the market they're going for. I'd say this is a great intermediate camera. A camera for someone who has graduated from the <$200 snapshot digicam, but either isn't ready for, or can not afford the interchangable lens digi-SLRs. It's also a nice intermediate sized camera. It's not going to fit in your shirt pocket, but it's not as bulky as an SLR either,and doesn't require you to lug around extra lenses and an external flash. Unlike the smaller cameras, this just feels right when you hold it. It fits your hand nicely. It's solid and feels like a real camera. Some digicams feel cheapand give you the feeling that if you drop it, it's toast. I don't get that from the s7000.

I take a lot of nature shots, which I think it does a great job of. I really like it's macro modes. As was pointed out before, you can keep everything in focus right up until the lens bumps into it! That's pretty cool. I've had some great successshooting fireworks, and Christmas lights and the moon. The range of the flash is decent (at least comparred to my old digi-cam) for indoor snapshots. The ability to add filters is also very cool. My point being that it has been a very versital camera for me, and performs well.

If this was a little more user friendly for the 4x6 family snapshots, I'd say it was the perfect intermediate camera at the right price point. Nice list of features and capabilities for the more advanced shooter, without the bulk and cost of an SLR.
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I have been visiting allot of forums trying to learn about digital cameras but I do not think I have learned as much anywhere as I am learning right here with this topic. I think this is great. Come on everyone and jump in and tell us what you think about your camera. I for one love reading these. They are terrific.
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I have:

- an HP 945 that looks like a Fuji S602, or S7000, is 5 MP and is very slow in focus and exposure setting. It is limited in sequential shots. This is not a camera for action shooters. However, it does really great in-camera post processing, and has a great 8X ptical/7X digital zoom Fuji lens. I can print right from shots off the memory card, and be very happy with the results. The Digital Flash feature gives me the best dynamic range of any camera I have. Sad onboard Flash ... need a digital slave and external flash with bracket (no hot shoe as with Fuji's).

- a Fuji S602 that I use for my action shots. This is a fast 3/6 MP digicam that I find unbeatable at the price I paid. The 6X optical zoom lens is adequate.

- a Fuji S7000 bought at $388 as a backup when I relied mostly on my S602. Not as fast as the S602, the 6/12 MP, 6X zoom lens gives me the best room to crop of any camera I have. While the greatest crop range exists with the S7000, I have to do it in post-processing. Here the HP 945 does the cropping for me with its 7X digital zoom. None the less, the 6/12 MP sensor I consider a plus.

- a Canon S50, which is a 5 mP, 3X optical slip in my pocket digicam. As a camera that has a small footprint, it is prone to go with me more often than any of the others. It take a very good image and like the HP 945 has no hotshoe for an external flash. However, unlike the HP 945,the S50 has a very powerful onboard flash with great flash control settings via its menu.

From these 4 cameras, I have no two that do it all. If I'm going to shoot a sporting event I'll take the Fuji S602. If I'm going to group picnic daytime outside I'll take the HP 945. If I'm going to shoot indoors, I'll take the Fuji S7000. If I'm just going out with friends, or family, I'll slip the Canon S50 in my pocket. With other than the canon I take a camera bag with flash units, teleconverts, monopod, shoulderpod, tripod, filters ... not as cumbersome as a DSLR, but none the less a burden. If I feel lazy and do not want to spend a couple hours post processing, then I take the HP 945 and a digitalslave and flash with bracket.

Can I get rid of any of them ? If one could go, then all could go. Each has a unique use that allows me to justify keeping it. Though I must say, the slip in the pocket Canon S50 probably gets the most use ... but the Fuji S7000 gets the most prints.

It will depend a lot on your use.

Good Luck, and ...

Happy Shooting !


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I really like my S7000 and think its a great snapshot camera. The 12MP Fine allows for a lot of croping and you enlarge the images. As for the noise issue I hear so much about, compair the images from it to other cameras at ISO200 and see the difference. The S7000 images generally look much better. The others will take better images at ISO50 or ISO100 but how often do most people shoot in ideal environments. It also gives you the ability to grow with the camera and learn to use some other settings. The scene modes also work well.

On the downside, if you shoot lower compression shots such as the 6MP settings, your going to get some additional noise because the compression appears to be to high. Fuji also is very unresponsive to customers suggestions to offer firmware updates so you better like the camera you get. If you don't believe me just submit a ticket and ask for something and you'll just get a single form letter response back. Last time I checked, there were no flash updates available for any of their consumer digicams.

There are so many really good choices out there today with all the new cameras available. The new 5100/5500 really looks good and Fuji finally did away with the interpol. Images. I'm sure that is a great change for them.

I've had several other cameras I really didn't care for IMOO. Minolta Dimage 7i and then 7HI. The focus on the cameras wasn't that accurate and resulted on a lot of blurry images. Canon G5. To much Red Eye and a lot of purple fringe in high contrast areas.
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They say the best camera is the one that gets used most often.

I've shot over 4,000 images on my S602 and still have a favorable opinion.

I might open another thread and ask people to talk about what sort of mileage they are getting from their cameras.
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Fourdigicams at our house (soon):

1- My wife Annette has a Fuji 2800Z, fantastic results for a 2MP camera, it is her travel companion since the big 6X zoom and amazing image quality give excellent 4X6 and 5X7 travel pictures. (the 8X10s are really good for such low resolution as well)

2- My Pentax Optio 33L, this camera is highly underrated for its image quality but needs a real viewfinder. The 3MP pictures are very good.

3- A Canon A60 bought refurbished for Annette to carry in her purse, nice camera but cannot match the Fuji for image quality IMHO

4- Still waiting for the S7000 to arrive so no comment yet.

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