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What's the best shooting megapixel mode for a Fuji s602z?

Some folks say, 3 MP, fine mode... soft sharpening, post process in PS, or PSP, and you're good as gold.


Some folks say, 6MP interpolated, soft sharpening, post process is PS or PSP and you're good as gold.

Which one is really the "best". Meaning, less artifacts, not guessing at colors, and shapes, sharpest out of the two, right out of camera?

That's what I need to know, since my baby girl is born and I'm cataloging every burp and gurgle. =o)

*Proud New Daddy*

You can check out my thread with her photos here on the Fuji Forum as well.

Thanks guys/gals!


Tim Miller
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At the risk of wearing out an old topic, I will point out that the S602 takes a 6 MP interpolated image as its native image ... there is nothing you can do to stop that, as the 3 MP image is rotated and would make no senseif we mortals, who live in a three dimensional rectangular coordinated world, were to look at it. Once the image has been automatically rotated into a standard two dimensional rectangularformat, it can be either left as is, or downsampled to 3 MP. My thought is that any post processing will take some quality away, so why do more ? Leave it be after the camera has done its minimal required processing ... in other words, leave it at 6 MP ... any more processing will surely cost you some quality.

Good Luck, and ...

Happy Shooting !

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Mike knows much more about this topic than me, for sure.

I leave my S602 in 3MP fine mode, because, to me, it seems to save to the card faster than the 6MP mode, and I'm ready to take the next picture faster.

As for all out quality, I've only noticed the tiniest advantage in quality at 6mp over 3mp.

For all intensive purposes, they could have left the 6mp business off this camera and it still would be a great 3mp (fine) camera.

Enjoy it, and never sell it!

-- Terry

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